How to Choose the Right PR Firm to Promote Your Business

Posted on 30, Dec 2022

Bad press, negative reviews, or the desire to drive sales often brings businesses to the doorsteps of PR firms. However, while the urgency that leaders feel may be justified, if they are not careful, it can cause them to rush their decision of which PR agency to choose. To help you to avoid this mistake, we will go into the most important factors in the selection of a public relations firm, including its size, experience, reputation, and writing style.


The size of PR firms ranges from companies run by a single person to those with thousands of employees. There are benefits and drawbacks at each end of the spectrum. Determining what your business is trying to accomplish can help you to decide the size you should work with to promote your business.

Large PR firms are large for a reason: they have become successful enough to grow. You will likely be working with a team, rather than one or two employees, to publicize your business online. While there is nothing inherently bad about this, there is still the risk of getting lost in a sea of clients they’re handling, in part because larger PR firms often have levels of operations. It may also be harder for deadlines to be met, though this can be mitigated with a lot of preparation and tight organization.

A smaller firm with several employees can benefit a company that has a specific message to convey on a deadline. This is because small companies often excel at keeping a close eye on their clients. You are less likely to be forgotten about by a team and more likely to be communicated with directly. The potential drawback of these firms is that they might be less tested, though we like to think there are some true diamonds out there. Regardless, it’s important to do further research on them before making your hiring decision.


Older firms, as you might expect, will have a variety of tried and tested techniques. They know what works and often have structures and procedures that streamline PR processes. But, a common misconception is that more experience is always better. Remember that while more established firms usually have a lot of knowledge, it doesn’t always mean that it is relevant.

One of the most critical mistakes that these PR firms make is relying too much on what has worked. Public relations strategies are always changing. For example, in the last ten to twenty years, digital outlets have become powerful forms of worldwide communication. Newer PR firms may know how to leverage this modern digital media age more effectively than their older competitors and avoid outdated techniques and technology. 

Of course, there are always happy mediums. Ideally, you will find a PR firm that understands the strategies necessary for success in the online era and can draw upon extensive experience.


A PR firm that can’t uphold its reputation certainly can’t strengthen yours. Do your research and look at the reviews left by the firm's customers. Check more than just one or two, and pay attention to how they have handled any mistakes, which are inevitable. You are looking for a firm that can handle any criticism with grace and professionalism.

Doing this will likely tell you many other things you need to know, such as how well the PR firm works with deadlines and communicates. 

Writing Style

It is undeniably frustrating if your expectations are not met when you read a press release or article about your company. Before hiring a PR firm, you should consider your vision for your PR campaign. Want something more creative? Inspiring? Or purely professional? Any copywriter should be able to easily handle all of these styles and write in the voice that will attract your customers.

Finding the right PR firm for your company’s needs can feel like a roll of the dice since there are literally thousands out there. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions and remain an active partner in the PR process. That will increase your chances of achieving your ultimate goals for the campaign.

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