Public Relations for Cybersecurity Firms: If Only Every Industry Had It this Easy

Jeannine Weaver
 Posted on 28, Nov 2022


In many ways, cybersecurity firms are the favored child of public relations: a company in this industry will find it almost ridiculously simple to capitalize on the benefits of PR. Don’t believe us? Then consider this: their products are useful to pretty much anyone who uses a computer or goes online via their phone. Cybersecurity companies can also tie their products to news developments, which consistently puts them in the public eye. On top of this, society is becoming increasingly concerned about protection against hacks and identity theft. All of this and more can be used to create a compelling PR campaign that increases the reach of your cybersecurity business - if you approach it the right way.

To elevate your cybersecurity company, remember your audience.

First, it’s true that if you focus your PR campaign on everyone, you risk attracting no one. You have to first define the specific market you are approaching and then tailor your products to it even though cybersecurity is a universal concern. 


Consider two different markets for your products: celebrities who worry about their phones being hacked and credit card companies that are increasingly a target for international hackers. Your customers have essentially the same problem but need different solutions. Finding them will also require different approaches. With the latter, you may target industry publications; platforms like Forbes, the New York Times, or Business Insider; or podcasts with well-known CEOs. 


To help celebrities hear more about your products and services, however, you may need to get into entertainment outlets, earn testimonials and list them on your social media sites, and put out articles with free cybersecurity tips.


This is only a start, of course, but the point remains the same: your cybersecurity products concern everyone, but you will need targeted strategies to find your real customers.

Keep one eye on the news and be ready to jump on it.

These days, it seems like every news cycle has a reference to a hack or breach. Cybersecurity firms would be wise to hold a PR meeting each morning to discuss what’s happening in the industry, what cyber crimes have been committed, and how the company might tie itself to them. 


Is newsjacking valid? Absolutely - so long as you aren’t too blatant about it. We suggest that you comment only on those events or developments that are the most impactful for your customers. Otherwise, if you try to be “in the know” about everything, you will end up diluting the effect.

Remember one of your biggest strengths: you understand a problem that worries many people (and confuses more than a few).

Let’s face it - all the jargon and never-ending developments are hard to keep up with for consumers. That right there is your advantage: you can simplify what seems difficult for those not in your industry. 

So, this is a prime opportunity to be a thought leader and establish your company as the go-to source of easy-to-understand information on cybersecurity. We’re not sure how many businesses really do this, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put together your own focus group of sorts. Whether it’s the people down the hall, the guy at the bus stop, or your spouse’s best friend, try giving your article to someone who is not in your industry and see if they can understand it. Where, exactly, do they get hung up? Have them point to specific sentences or words that are difficult, then go back to the drawing board and simplify it some more.

When you can put out PR pieces that avoid being too technical or dry and that are easily understood, you will be able to establish yourself as the voice of authority in cybersecurity.

Help the public to understand the future.


A lot has been said about how the Metaverse, the blockchain, and even artificial intelligence are issuing in new concerns about cybersecurity threats. People in your industry are years ahead in understanding a world that most of the public is just beginning to grasp. You can use PR to publish pieces that connect the dots for them and give them a better sense of what tomorrow may look like.

PR is a potential goldmine for cybersecurity companies because the Internet and computers have become indispensable.

As a cybersecurity business, you really do have an almost unlimited array of PR options in front of you. If you go beyond your products and services and include insightful pieces about the public’s concerns and the future, you will quickly establish yourself as a leader in cybersecurity.

Imperium Group is an American public relations and marketing consultancy firm. Founded in 2016, it specializes in guaranteed placements, creating utmost transparency for its clients. Imperium Group generates over 15M impressions a month for its clients. Its team is based out of New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  

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