The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations for Dentists

Jeannine Weaver
 Posted on 10, Apr 2023

Dentists have a tricky profession. On the one hand, most people understand to some degree that dental care is important. On the other hand, however, just as many are either afraid to go to the dentist, forget to go, or are more concerned with other life matters. To overcome these hurdles, the savvy dentist can use a well-designed PR campaign that educates the public about the necessity of dental care and that attracts more potential patients to the practice.

Why is PR important for dentists?

PR can help drive traffic to a dentist’s website by improving their search engine rankings

PR is an excellent way to increase the visibility of a dental practice because it can generate backlinks to its website. Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to the dental practice’s website and are considered by search engines to be a sign of the website’s credibility and popularity. This, in turn, can result in higher search engine rankings.


A well-executed PR strategy can generate high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, such as industry publications, news outlets, and influential blogs, all of which can greatly benefit the dental practice’s search engine optimization efforts.


PR can also increase the reputation of a dental practice, leading to higher search engine rankings. When the delta practice is mentioned in the media or on social media platforms, it can increase brand awareness and improve the public’s overall perception of the practice. And, you guessed it, this can lead to more website visits and better search engine rankings. That results in more potential patients and contributes to the growth and success of the practice.

PR can keep the public informed about the rapidly changing advancements in dentistry


With new technologies and treatments emerging, it can be challenging for the average person to keep up with the latest developments in dental care. Effective PR can bridge this gap by communicating complex information in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.


Any PR campaign should include educational content that keeps the public informed about advancements in dentistry. Focus on blog posts, infographics, videos, or webinars, and remember to get as visual as possible. Incorporate topics that include new treatments, procedures, and technologies as well as preventative care and oral health tips.


Relations with the media will be useful. By working with journalists and editors, PR professionals can secure media coverage for dentists in newspapers, magazines, and online publications, all useful for disseminating important information to the public.


News and updates can also be shared via social media. Take advantage of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to reach a broad audience and foster conversations about the new treatments and procedures in oral health and dental care.

PR can dispel myths that commonly keep people from seeing a dentist


As any dentist knows, there are many myths and misconceptions that commonly prevent a person from getting dental care. Despite its importance, many people still avoid visiting a dentist due to fears or misunderstandings about the dental profession. Effective PR can help to address these concerns and encourage more people to seek the care they need.


On the practice’s website and social media platforms, focus on covering subjects that include dental anxiety, the safety and efficacy of dental treatments, and the importance of regular checkups. Remember to reach out to the media, who will be key to correcting misinformation and educating the public about dental care.


PR campaigns should also incorporate partnerships with other dental professionals and advocacy organizations, both of which can help to spread accurate information about dental care. A PR campaign that includes collaboration with other experts will make the dental practice appear more credible, leading to more people seeking treatment.

How do I create a PR campaign that supports my dental practice’s branding?


An effective public relations campaign can look complex, but by breaking it down into key parts, a dentist can more easily see how it is constructed and find more success.

Define your values and mission statement


Creating a strong values and mission statement is a crucial step for any dental practice looking to launch a successful PR campaign. This will define the core beliefs and goals of the practice and can be used to communicate its unique identity to potential patients and guide internal decision-making.


To define their values and mission statement, a dentist should start by reflecting on their practice’s current strengths and weaknesses. This may involve reviewing patient feedback, analyzing industry trends, and consulting with staff members to gain a deeper understanding of the practice’s culture and goals. Based on this information, the dentist can then identify their key values, such as a commitment to patient-centered care, ethical business practices, and continuous learning and improvement.


Once the values are defined, the dentist can craft a mission statement that conveys the purpose and goals of their practice. It should be clear, concise, and inspiring, and it should reflect the practice’s commitment to delivering high-quality care and improving the lives of its patients.


These values and mission statement are then effectively communicated to the public through their incorporation into all aspects of the practice’s PR campaign. In doing so, the practice can build a strong reputation as a trusted provider of dental care, leading to new patients who are attracted to its commitment to excellence and patient-centered care.

Think carefully about the stories you would like to include in your PR campaign


When planning their public relations strategies, a dentist must be selective with the stories they include. They can be used to convey the values and mission of the practice as well as to connect with potential patients on a personal level. Therefore, it is important to choose stories that are not only compelling and informative but that align with the practice’s brand and messaging.


One strategy is to consider using patient-success stories. By highlighting specific cases when the practice was able to successfully treat a patient, the dentist can demonstrate their expertise and showcase the positive impact of their care on people’s lives. This can lead to more public trust and demonstrate the value of the practice’s services.


Another approach is to tell stories about the practice’s community outreach efforts. Dentists who participate in local events or volunteer their time to promote oral health can share their experiences and demonstrate their commitment to improving the well-being of the community. This can help position the practice as a socially responsible and caring provider of dental care.


Ultimately, be sure to choose stories that are authentic and engaging and that are aligned with the brand’s messaging. 

Know exactly what you would like to accomplish


Before launching a PR campaign, the dentist should have a clear understanding of the goals they would like to achieve. This involves breaking them down into objectives and strategies that support the practice’s overall brand identity. By defining these goals upfront, the dentist can better measure the success of the campaign and adjust their approach as needed.


To achieve the best outcomes, make sure that the target audience for the campaign is identified. The dentist should know the demographics and characteristics of the patients they would like to attract as well as the types of services or treatments they are most interested in. This information can help shape the messaging and content of the campaign, which will impact whether or not any goals are reached.


Any goals or objectives will be heavily impacted by the budget and resources available for the campaign. A dentist must determine the optimal allocation of funds to maximize the impact of the campaign and ensure a positive return on investment. This may involve a combination of paid advertising, social media outreach, and community events or sponsorships. 


Ultimately, the dentist must be clear about their goals and objectives for the PR campaign and use data and analytics to measure success and adjust their approach as needed. By doing so, they can create stronger PR campaigns that more effectively grow their practices and establish their brands as trusted providers of high-quality dental care.

A few final suggestions for dental practices and PR campaigns

Concentrate on evergreen content


Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and valuable to readers over time, such as “how-to” guides, best practices, and informative articles. Incorporating evergreen content into PR campaigns will establish the dentist as a trusted authority, leading to more brand awareness, increased website traffic, and more patients.

Have a press page on your website


A press page typically includes news articles, media mentions, awards, and other forms of recognition that the dental practice has received. This information can demonstrate the practice’s expertise, credibility, and commitment to excellent care. It can also enhance search engine optimization results and increase visibility for the practice.

Remember: PR never stops


Public relations should never stop for a dental practice, as it is an ongoing process that involves building and maintaining relationships with the community, patients, and other stakeholders. Campaigns should be continuously evaluated and adjusted to ensure that they are effectively promoting the practice’s values and missions, reaching the target audience, and driving new patient acquisition. Consistent communication with patients through social media, newsletters, and events can help to maintain the practice’s reputation and keep patients engaged and informed.


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