High in Melanin LLC–Clothing Brand Preparing to Launch in the First Half of 2023

High in Melanin LLC–Clothing Brand Preparing to Launch in the First Half of 2023 [Live Link]

Published on 19, Dec 2022

Seattle, Washington– African inspired clothing brand, High in Melanin LLC is set to host its official launch party in early 2023, where it hopes to draw a crowd of like-minded, melanated people. The event will be a pop-up party, celebrating the new company and its founders’ movement into the fashion industry. 

This upcoming brand has been in the works for a while, and aims to bring African and melanated culture to the industry of fashion and beauty. HIgh in Melanin LLC is hoping to build a community of individuals from African and other melanated cultures, gathering a family of shared heritage.

The brand has ambitions of generating partnerships among other African American and black influencers, as well as inspirational members within this community. High in Melanin LLC is working toward bringing positivity to a heritage that they express is so often misrepresented in the media. The company hopes to target Gen Z and Millennials in order to shine a light on black history in the making. Potential partnerships with influencers and small business owners will drive the marketing for High in Melanin LLC, as they are working toward bringing positive representation of melanated people to younger generations of African Americans.

“Far too often, [the media] is quick to showcase the negative and slow to highlight all the greatness that comes with being a melanated person,” Antointette Walthour, Co-founder of High in Melanin LLC says. “My partner and I have the chance to show people that we are proud of our heritage and culture.” High in Melanin LLC is working to be a gateway for African culture in the modern world of fashion, highlighting the heritage that both founders have a deep pride in. 

This business is a collaboration between Antoinette Walthour, founder of Green Key Social LLC, and Co-Founder Dembo Sannoh. High In Melanin’s brand launch is the start of these partners working to highlight the history of melanated people and communities in a unique way. Green Key Social LLC’s founder is rooted more into the traditional, business side of the company, which works toward branding and marketing, while Dembo Sannoh dives more deeply into the creativity of fashion, rooted in African culture, having been born in Gambia. This collaboration is taking steps toward showcasing African culture and melanated people in a directly positive platform. 

High in Melanin is going to be a luxe clothing brand that will offer shoes, jackets, seasonal wear, sweat suits, and more. This upcoming brand will be making strides toward growing melanated communities within the fashion and beauty industries. After their debut in 2023, High in Melanin LLC is excited to continue marketing their African inspired clothing brand to modern consumers and develop a community of like-minded individuals.

High in Melanin LLC is an upcoming fashion brand that helps to highlight African culture and heritage. The company aims to build a community of like-minded melanated individuals and businesses to showcase the next generation of African Americans and history in the making. For more information about High in Melanin LLC and their upcoming brand launch, follow their social media and visit their website.

Antoinette Walthour and Dembo Sannoh

Instagram: @high_in_melanin