Revolutionary Technology From SONU Sleep: A Mattress Designed For Side Sleepers

Revolutionary Technology From SONU Sleep: A Mattress Designed For Side Sleepers [Live Link]

Published on 19, Jan 2023

A good night's sleep is something that everyone will agree can fully elevate an entire day, and yet most people wake up feeling unrested and sore. We trudge through our days, miserable and tired because of a laundry list of reasons, some of which we can’t even put a name to. We wake up with sore muscles because we slept in a weird and uncomfortable position, and it can ruin our whole day. Good sleep is essential to a healthy life, so why are we still having so much trouble figuring out how to fix this problem?

At SONU Sleep, creators Bradley Hall and Stason Strong have been working on solutions to everyday sleep issues. Their newest product, exclusively available on their website at the moment, (and will be hitting retailer shelves in 2023), is a revolutionary system designed specifically for people who sleep on their side. 

For centuries, the design of the mattress has stayed the same: a flat rectangle. Even in the early days of human existence, the design has maintained the same shape and structure. The only real difference between mattress styles have been their size and their level of firmness – until now. 

After years of research, countless development and thorough trial and testing, Stason and Brad have pinpointed the problems with the traditional flat mattress design and solved them. The product is composed of a revolutionary design, utilizing their patented Comfort Channel and layered Support Pillow system to allow for the full range of motion of shoulders and arms within the bed, not just on top, as is the normal limitation for traditional mattresses. Molding to the sleeper’s unique shape and desired position, the system greatly reduces pressures that have long been thought to be unavoidable. 

Additionally, couples who enjoy sleeping and embracing without undesirable pressure on arms caused by traditional mattresses can use this innovative design to get a better night’s sleep. Side sleepers can benefit from not needing to roll-over to relieve pressure on arms and shoulders constantly, resulting in sound sleep throughout the entire night. This system also benefits sleepers who snore while on their backs can finally roll to the side to help alleviate snoring without the discomfort traditionally experienced, and without disturbing their partner. 

Many people complain about sore joints and muscles after they sleep, simply because they were stuck in an undesirable position all night. Joint and muscle pain, chronic discomfort and injuries in the neck, arms, shoulders and chest can be greatly reduced by SONU's unique, immersive support system. The sides of the Comfort Channel also act as hand supports when holding a device or book, which can reduce hand and wrist tension while reading or using your phone. The founders identified each of these goals and created the SONU Sleep System to address them all.

With hundreds of reviews already raving about SONU Sleep, why wouldn’t you want to try this for yourself? As the product hits retail stores later in the year, consumers can experience a brand new, revolutionary way to fall asleep faster, and stay asleep more comfortably than ever before. This mattress can provide superior comfort and support, leading to a more restful sleep. It is also made with materials that are hypoallergenic and breathable, giving you an environment that is free of allergens and dust mites. Finally, this new product can reduce motion transfer, making it easier to stay asleep when your partner moves around. With all of these features combined, SONU can truly revolutionize the way you feel after a night full of restful and comfortable sleep.

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