Corky Newcomb

Corky Newcomb

Published on 11, Dec 2022

LITE4NITE SPORTS Offers New Patented Sports Products For Licensing 

MIAMI, Florida – LITE4NITE® SPORTS, founded in 1975, has unveiled several new patented Sports and Outdoors products available for licensing.

LITE4NITE designed their LED Elektron™ Sportsballs for over 50 million players who play baseball, softball, tennis, pickleball, badminton, lacrosse, field hockey, and cricket as well as backyard and beach ball games. LED Elektron Sportsballs light up for nighttime fun and can be hit with bats, rackets, and paddles without breaking or losing function.

Their world’s first NITELITE lighted Golfballs sold almost $50 million at retail. Their new LITE4NITE Golfballs light up forever and can fly 400 yards on a drive. Charged with a U.V. charger, LITE4NITE Golfballs have been used in thousands of NITE golf tournaments played in 82 countries, which raised millions of dollars for charitable causes. 

LITE4NITE’s PROS PICK-XLQ Pickleballs are designed to be quieter and long-lasting than other brands. LOUD ball noise is a big problem in many towns where homes are located by courts and people are waking up at sunrise to the loud sounds of Pickleballs. LITE4NITE SPORTS solved that problem. LITE4NITE hopes to meet the boom in popularity of the sport, as NITE Pickleball tournaments are already being organized all over the country. Players, paddles, nets, and lines are illuminated and tourneys have previously been held as fundraisers for charities, hospitals, and schools. Approximately 5 million U.S. players play Pickleball and PRO tournaments are televised. 


The patented LED Elektron Sportsballs are designed for nighttime fun. Inventor, Corky Newcomb, explained, “Pickleball in the daytime is lots of fun, but at night, it’s a whole new ballgame! Playing after sunset prevents harmful sunburns and heat exhaustion which is very important to older players. LED Sportsballs conform to Official Pickleball regulations. Extremely durable, the LED balls can be hit hard over 1,000 times into a wall and the lights stay on.” 

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Christmas catalog just sold out of the first LITE4NITE Pickleballs which use a chemical lightstick. LED ELEKTRON Sportsballs perform exactly like the best pickleball brands with the added benefit of enabling twilight and nighttime play. Millions of WIFFLEBALLS® have been sold, but present no accessibility to the game after dark. Marketing to over 50 million players across eight sports, LITE4NITE SPORTS is currently in talks with several major sports companies about licensing opportunities.

LITE4NITE’s Patented Talking Autograph Sportsballs

LITE4NITE’s patented Talking Autograph Sportsballs allow PRO players and parents to record messages inside the balls. Along with potentially serving a great sentimental purpose, recording PROS’ voices in the balls would increase the value of their autographs. Currently, the MLB Alumni Association is testing the Talking Autograph Baseballs with select Major League players. MLB baseball great, Bill Buckner, recorded baseball tips for Little League players while making a video about the balls. Likewise, LITE4NITE’s Talking Autograph Footballs were made for the NFL Alumni Association, as well. The whole line of 7 patented Talking Autograph Sportsballs is currently available for licensing. 

Providing the Outdoor Activities Market with a New FIRE STARTER

LITE4NITE SPORTS’ new patented FIRE STARTER boasts advancements for the product, lighting up after being submerged in water for 30 days and in strong winds. Burning at 1,830 degrees and holding a 12-inch high flame for 15 minutes, the FIRE STARTER is available for licensing as well. There are over 57 million U.S. campers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers plus 27 million homes that have wood stoves and fireplaces. The brand’s patented FIRE STARTER is able to cook, provide warmth, or even save lives in emergency situations.


LITE4NITE Sports is a new product development and marketing company located in New Hampshire with over 40 products. Recently, their new LITE4NITE golfballs were shipped into 2,452 WALMART stores in April 2022 under the IZZO GOLF brand. 

Founder Corky Newcomb says, “We look for inventions that have that magic that will stop people in their tracks so they say, ‘I need that right now!’” The company is also working on a medical device that prevents seniors from breaking their hips when they fall, as about 36 million older adults fall each year. Always looking for a novel approach, LITE4NITE’s brand strives to identify itself through ingenuity in its products, serving markets across industries.

Corky Newcomb, CEO of LITE4NITE SPORTS, started inventing sports products in 1975 and introduced the world’s first NITELITE Footballs. Other products include Automatic Curveballs & Sliders, Driver Wild Cologne and Tees Perfume with voice recorders, Floating Electronic Golf Greens, and Shots in the Dark Driving Ranges. Newcomb helps inventors make, market, and license their inventions. He graduated from the Whittemore Business School at the University of New Hampshire where he played baseball. He teaches Invention Creation seminars in schools and companies where students and employees create their own inventions in only 12 minutes. Several of his students competed at the U.S.P.T.O.’s National Student Invention Competition in Washington D.C. 

Newcomb’s son, Brett, created a revolutionary App which strives to become the premier trusted travel community that shares, discovers, and discusses their best experiences. The first round of financing is almost closed. 

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Corky Newcomb