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Published on 02, Dec 2022

Highlands College Invests in Leaders Everywhere at the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Highlands College is empowering aspiring leaders from all backgrounds, commencing the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference on December 7th virtually and completely free. Hoping to provide resources to the next generation of leaders across fields and industries, this event will be hosting a variety of guests and speakers all exemplifying the excellence in leadership and character that Highlands College strives to promote.

Providing a resource for students as well as attendees of the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference, the college, as well as its partner in hosting the event, Founders Advisors, the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference, is a gateway to a greater understanding of leadership concepts, character building, and self-determination in your home, professional, and social life.

Featuring NYT Best Sellers and Other Leadership Experts

Hosted by ESPN's Lauren Sisler and Highlands College President Mark Pettus, the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference will be held virtually on December 7th. Participants will be empowered to elevate their potential as leaders—making greater impressions and yielding positive change in their home, social, and work life. 

For this half-day leadership development event, attendees will be treated to insight from guest speakers, including New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur Jamie Kern Lima, and Church of the Highlands Senior Pastor and Highlands College Chancellor Chris Hodges.

The Impact Leadership Conference is an entirely virtual leadership development event. Highlands College and its presenting partner, Founders Advisors, are investing in leaders nationwide. Together, they are providing this experience entirely free of charge to individuals and extending this offer to entire business teams as well. 

Available Virtual and Free on December 7th 

Highlands College is committed to supporting leaders worldwide to teach both popular and less-talked-about leadership methods. Whether looking to make a change in their community, family, work, or home life, the Impact Leadership Conference encourages attendees to seek out dynamic concepts from speakers who have found success in their respective industries.

The Impact Leadership Conference is fashioned to provide training for a wider expanse of roles within leadership. Highlands College is committed to sharing different approaches and methods to maximize its influence, helping attendees elevate their perspective and effectiveness in delivering leadership skills to a team or an organization. 

Entirely run through the support of its donors, the college offers its services for free, even curating events like the Impact Leadership Conference to promote the college beyond the bounds of its base demographic. The Impact Leadership Conference features guests across different spheres of leadership, offering valuable insight into the methods, the mindset, and the character that has earned them their success.

Register for the Impact Leadership Conference today by visiting ImpactLeader.com

To learn more, visit HighlandsCollege.com