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Published on 05, Dec 2022

New York Times Best Sellers Featured Speakers at 2022 Impact Leadership Conference

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Higher education institution, Highlands College, is hosting this year’s virtual leadership conference on December 7th. The Impact Leadership Conference aims to empower and instill confidence in leaders while equipping them with applicable tools and wisdom to apply to their sphere of influence to maximize impact. Participants from many fields and industries attend to listen and learn from renowned leadership experts. The event will be fully accessible and free online to leaders and professionals all over the world.

Primarily focusing on helping build character, and skills while expanding leadership potential, providing widespread access to the Impact Leadership Conference is just one of the ways Highlands College demonstrates its commitment to investing in leaders and making effective resources available. 

Providing the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Leaders

On December 7th, this year's Impact Leadership Conference will be underway, assisting participants in elevating their potential as leaders to make greater impressions and yield positive change in their home, social, and work life. The Impact Leadership Conference is an entirely virtual leadership development event. Highlands College and its presenting partner, Founders Advisors, believe in empowering and investing in today’s leaders, which is why they are providing this experience entirely free of charge and extending this offer to entire teams as well.

For this half-day leadership development event, participants will be treated to indispensable insight from guest speakers, including New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur Jamie Kern Lima, and Church of the Highlands Senior Pastor and Highlands College Chancellor Chris Hodges.

About the College

Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the Church with the next generation of leaders with the drive, skills, and incredible sense of character necessary to fulfill the Great Commission.

Running thanks to the crucial support of its donors, Highlands College draws leaders from around the world to attend or view The Impact Leadership Conference virtually. By providing an important resource to leaders across mediums, virtual and free of cost, Highlands College is determined to make a difference and invest in the leaders of today as they work to build the next generation of leaders.

Register for the Impact Leadership Conference today by visiting ImpactLeader.com