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Published on 05, Dec 2022

2022 Impact Leadership Conference is an Important Resource for Burgeoning Leaders

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – The 2022 Impact Leadership Conference will be held at Highlands College on December 7th with the event fully accessible and free online to individuals and groups.

Offering free training to produce graduates to lead across the world, the college combines challenging academic courses with ministry training under qualified and experienced church leaders, a wide variety of influential leaders through their In-Residence Program, biblical scholars, and academic professors. With a determination to prepare students to become the next generation of leaders, Highlands College students obtain a holistic education by focusing on a well-balanced training curriculum in four areas: academic instruction, character formation, ministry training, and spiritual development. Hoping to expand beyond the form of a traditional Bible college, Highlands College offers concentrations relating to specific roles in the ministry, to ensure every student is given the tools, training, and enlightenment to serve the mission of the Church.

Giving the Tools to Convey Excellence in Leadership

Hosted by ESPN's Lauren Sisler and Highlands College President Mark Pettus, the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference is for anyone seeking to make the most significant impact on their business, team, family, and community by building leadership skills. The virtual leadership development conference, hosted and provided by Highlands College and its presenting partner, Founders Advisors, will be held on December 7th, and will be available to all who wish to attend. The Impact Leadership Conference is meant to provide a space for individuals to learn effective concepts in leadership and development.

Leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. John C. Maxwell, Church of the Highlands Senior Pastor and Highlands College Chancellor Chris Hodges, and New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, Jamie Kern Lima will lead sessions throughout the event, offering valuable insight to an incoming generation of leaders. 

Highlands College’s Commitment to Greater Leadership

Highlands College is creating a model focused on real-world ministry training, applying leading educational methods within high-quality facilities, offering students a completely debt-free experience to leave them “educated, equipped, and empowered to expand the Kingdom of God in a complex and changing world.” Highlands College strives to provide the Church with leaders of high competence, excellent moral character, and spiritual maturity. 

The approach taken by Highlands College is fashioned to provide training for a wider expanse of leadership. Providing students with a balance of spirituality and academics, Highlands College is committed to creating the next generation of leaders by helping students to foster their perspective and effectiveness in delivering a message. Highlands College offers resources beyond that of a traditional Bible college, operating year-round and delivering an advanced academic curriculum that also utilizes spiritual development and ministry training, Highlands College is dedicated to offering the best experience for those hoping to enrich their lives and become better leaders.

Register for the Impact Leadership Conference today by visiting ImpactLeader.com

To learn more, visit HighlandsCollege.com or contact Danielle Womack at Danielle.Womack@HighlandsCollege.com