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Published on 01, Dec 2022

CRO Medical Set To Introduce New Medical Technology for Prehospital Treatment

MISSOULA, Montana – CRO Medical, a commercial-stage medical device company committed to bringing hospital-equivalent care to the field and improving trauma care in the military and civilian medical markets, has announced the future rollout of its new prehospital suction device slated for the middle of 2023. 

The innovative CRO Suction Unit will allow medics to perform various medical procedures requiring suction near the point of injury. Due to existing limitations with other devices in this category, medics often have to utilize unreliable improvised solutions, leading to substandard levels of care. The extremely lightweight and highly portable device will be the smallest version available on the market, making it ideal for first-line aid bags. 

"Traditionally, medical innovations in trauma have come from the military and are later adopted by the civilian market,” says Jeff Boardman, Founder, and CEO of CRO Medical. “We feel the best entry into the market is to design products that capture future military medical requirements that will later be adopted by a broader audience. Our competitive advantage in the prehospital space is serving elite special operations medics and delivering those technology innovations to optimize the care of critically injured patients in the field. There are plenty of innovations needed in the prehospital market. Currently, the military is leading the effort to adapt medical equipment innovations to best practices in medical protocols." 

The drawback of traditional suction units is primarily due to their size and weight. Even portable options have less desirable proprietary features, such as custom battery packs, which are heavy and are not optimal for field use. CRO Medical’s technology utilizes standard CR123 batteries, which can be replaced quickly, providing an indefinite run time for the device with appropriate resupply. 

"The device's size has been drastically reduced,” says Boardman. “We achieved this by containing suction pressure in small internal chambers using a series of highly responsive valves. The waste collection system is a disposable 500ml collection bag. When the waste collection bag fills, replace it to continue using the device."

The military was the first to show interest in CRO Medical’s technology. According to Boardman, units specializing in immediate surgical intervention for wounded soldiers require smaller and lighter solutions to perform Damage Control Surgery. Suction is considered the standard of care for various common field procedures, including airway procedures, chest injury management, and damage control surgery.

"Our technology has far-reaching implications on how suction is delivered to severely injured patients across the continuum of care," says Boardman. "We are working to make this equipment available to all first responders, not just the military. The rollout of this device will mean a higher standard of care delivered to patients in the field, where survivability often depends on the speed in delivering definitive treatments."

The CRO Suction Unit is currently in final regulatory status with the FDA and will launch to military units by mid-year 2023. The product will be available directly to the company or through various DLA Prime Vendor Contracts such as ECAT, DAPA, GSA, and FedMall.

CRO Medical has multiple medical equipment contracts with the United States military. The Defense Logistics Agency spends over $2B in medical materials procurement annually. While the company is primarily a defense contractor, due to the variety of medical roles requiring lightweight solutions, CRO technology aims to serve a much larger civilian prehospital market, including ambulance, fire, and search and rescue customers. 

Boardman reveals the company plans to expand its medical technology portfolio to compete in civilian prehospital medicine and government contracting.

About CRO Medical

CRO Medical Founder and CEO Jeff Boardman is a former U.S. Navy Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman and graduate of the Naval Special Operations Medical Institute at Ft. Bragg. He established CRO Medical to enhance critical care resuscitation in remote and austere environments. In 2017, after leaving the military, he founded CRO, LLC, a medical technology transfer firm. One of his goals was to bring more capable tools to the field to enhance medical treatment in remote areas. 

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Jeff Boardman

Jeff Boardman