Zaza THC- LA’s Leading Cannabis Brand Plans to Launch New Product Line with Disposable Blends and Gummies

Zaza THC- LA’s Leading Cannabis Brand Plans to Launch New Product Line with Disposable Blends and Gummies [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023

Los Angeles, CA–  

Zaza THC, A Los Angeles-based cannabis company, is about to launch its own clothing line. Along with its merchandise, the company also vows to release new THC Blends, legally compliant Delta 9 gummies, and updated flavor profiles for its main product, 2-Gram Delta-8. And that is not all; for the month of December, ZAZA THC has also announced major sales, Buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get 2 free, and buy 3 get 3 free on all its products.

Zaza THC plans for new products to further the company’s mission of bringing joy to its customers. Joey, the founder of Zaza THC, explains that the new products are mixtures of several advanced Zaza THC blends. Its new “High Noon” is combined with its previous Delta blends, containing Delta-10 THC, Delta-8 THC, and THC P. The “Knock Out Blend” will feature THC O, Delta-8, and THC P. New and updated flavor profiles for Zaza THC’s main product- 2-Gram Delta-8 disposable and legally compliant Delta 9 THC gummies will also be released.  


The company originally started with Delta 8 in a 1 gram Zbar disposable. Due to demand,  Zaza expanded their line to the larger hardware in 2 gram varieties. All the products and their blends are created by their manufacturers of course, but they also focus on the opinions of their internal team. Since several low-quality copies of Zaza products are available in the market, the company plans to introduce newer and more authentic packaging with bright colors and smiling faces, which is the true representative of the company’s goal of spreading happiness among all. The new Zaza THC product line is meant to enrich the lives of its customers with more smiles.  


“We want to bring happiness to our customers,” claims Jason, Zaza’s VP of sales. “That’s what Zaza THC is all about. With consistent focus on being innovative, releasing new products, and our new clothing line, our goal is to increase awareness on both sides.” 


The company has always pushed itself to stay updated on current trends while trailblazing the market with its own ideas. As the company believes in honesty, it ensures that all the products made available on the website for the public are being lab tested for safety. With highly qualified scientists and experts conducting third-party lab testing on the products, the company remains focused on staying safe and transparent.  


‘Smile and Enjoy’ -The Slogan of ZAZA THC is the true reflection of the company’s efforts to keep its customers happy and satisfied. The signature Zaza smiley face logo and the packaging’s bright colors are the testaments of the company’s slogan. Zaza was created to encourage customers to be happy, smile, and see life from a positive perspective.”  


Zaza THC is a THC company and brand based in Los Angeles, CA. The company sells Delta 8 THC gummies, 2-gram disposables, and 1-gram cartridges, as well as several other product lines: HHC, THC-O, and Delta 10. The company’s main products are 2-gram disposables, 1-gram cartridges, and gummies. Soon, they will release an original clothing line to represent their style and brand mission of bringing joy to Zaza THC customers. To learn more, visit the Zaza THC website and email