Leo Li is Instigating Forward Trends While Integrating Traditional High Fashion

Leo Li is Instigating Forward Trends While Integrating Traditional High Fashion [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023



Leo Li, a fashion connoisseur, designer, actor, model, influencer, and stylist is propelling fashion forward with his bright ideas of the future. The designer grew up in China and moved to the states, where he attended high school starting at fourteen. Now, he moves into new sectors of fashion with his attendances at Fashion Weeks around the world and bold moves when it comes to expanding the world’s vision of what fashion should be. These bold moves involve Leo Li’s personal style– a creativity of craziness and class combined.

“My style is crazy yet focused,” holds Li, “I like to mix it up when I don and outfit. At fashion week, I tried new combinations of articles, never wearing the same idea twice.” 

Li hopes to influence the world with this type of thinking. At the fashion industry events that he attends, the social media influencer often sees copies upon copies of the same styles and outfits. But, every now and then, he catches a diamond in the rough: something new, out of the ordinary, and as eye-catching as it is extreme.

“I’ve seen many models walk the runway,” claims Li, “Often, they will look fantastic. But I’m looking for more,” holds Li, not discriminating, “I’m looking for something that I can take and make accessible to everyone in the world.” 

Leo’s wishes is to see the entire world fit into high-fashion items. Instead of repetitive, trendy items, the ones that look different, out-of-the-box, and innovative catch Li’s eye. With a collection of culturally diverse designs residing in the influencer’s mind, he is constantly on the lookout for designs and designers who can utilize the world’s vast collection of diverse taste.

The influencer hopes to someday see high-fashion combine its luxury with the attainability of streetwear. As someone who believes in unisex clothing for all sizes, he also wishes that the fashion industry will continue to expand its cultural touch. Beside his background in China, Li has recently traveled across the world on the lookout for new patterns, colors, and cuts that high-fashion could appropriately incorporate.

“Fashion is always progressing,” Li maintains, “I just hope to be a catalyst for this sort of progression, one that makes the exclusive inclusive and the unattainable universal.”

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