Leo Li Predictions on the Future of Fashion

Leo Li Predictions on the Future of Fashion [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023

Manhattan, NY–

Leo Li is a fashion influencer, stylist, designer, model, actor, and photographer living in working in Manhattan, New York. Originally from Xinjiang, China, the fashion connoisseur has expressed an interest in predicting fashion trends through his attendances at New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. The designer hopes to use these predictions to someday carry out his own fashion visions of making high-end clothing more attainable for the rest of the world.

“I predict crazy, chaotic styles,” holds Li, “in the best way possible. 

Li has used New York and Milan Fashion Week to gather inspiration for his personal vision. The stylist and designer attends the shows to gather information when making his predictions on where fashion will go.

“Crazy and casual combined together is what I hope to see in the future of fashion.” The designer hopes that these contradictions will result in a fashion industry that makes its items more accessible to the entire world, rather than serving a handful of wealthy individuals.

The way that Li sees these styles come together is through high-fashion clothing styles being interwoven into streetwear and casual looks more commonly seen. Li envisions two ends of the spectrum meeting in the middle, creating a chaotic and extreme look for people living every day lives. 

“Of course, where I’d like it to go is a mixture between upscale and casual fashion. But I also see another directions it could head in: even more simplistic.” The fashion connoisseur does not believe that simple taste is bad, even though it is not his typical, crazy style. He only sees future simple clothing as another innovative move toward what he hopes will one day be a bridge in the gap between those who are able to obtain high-fashion items and those who cannot.

“The future of fashion is such an intriguing concept,” holds Li, “I enjoy scouting out new material and ideas at the fashion events I attend.” Li adds that he only hopes to someday involve himself in the shaping of the fashion future, fully implementing his vision of making high-fashion more accessible to everyone, whether it executes as chaotic or simplistic.

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