Leo Li on How to Make a Fashion Name for Oneself

Leo Li on How to Make a Fashion Name for Oneself [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023

Manhattan, NY–

What is your name?

Leo Li

What is your profession?

I am a designer, model, actor, influencer, photographer, and fashion connoisseur. I style models and friends for runway shows and shoots and photograph fashion events like New York and Milan Fashion Week. I’m also a fashion influencer and share some of my favorite styles on my Instagram page.

What advice do you have to offer those starting out in fashion?

As someone who moved from China to America and began his fashion career consequentially, I would tell someone it doesn’t matter when or where you start. If you have enough passion for it, you’ll go far. 

Also, don’t simply chase success, follow your heart. Make what inspires you. Don’t give into trends too often, somebody has to start them.

How did you do it?

To make a name for myself, I had to struggle. Often times, there were long days and nights where I’d work to perfect my craft and shape my ideals. 

By ideals, I mean the vision I had for myself in the fashion industry. I knew I loved the art but wasn’t sure how I wanted to be involved until I did some deeper digging. I realized that I love the way different outfits can mix and match and the way that they can inspire others on social media.

That was when I decided to begin a multi-faceted career in several different areas of fashion. To satisfy my desire to make fashion more accessible and reachable for all corners of the earth, I became a photographer and influencer. Through these mediums, I share the high-end lifestyle and experiences of the fashion industry with the rest of the world. I like to see people’s eyes light up when they see something they like or respect, such as a new type of jumpsuit or an innovative line of shoes. 

To chase a dream of designing myself, I became a designer and developed my own look. This took a long time to plan and perfect, as I wanted my look to stand out amindst the thousands of talented designers in this industry. I revere these people and use them for inspiration but then add my own touch to the pieces.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of what I’ve created. Of course, I’ve been successful in business endeavors but I feel most accomplishment when I create something out of the norm.

For example, I’ve created a style for myself that takes the luxurious look of high-fashion and pairs it with the attainability of streetwear. I can’t wait to further implement this vision and hopefully inspire the entire fahsion community with my ideas.

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