Linda Jasmine Attends Art Basel in Miami: The Romero Britto Event

Linda Jasmine Attends Art Basel in Miami: The Romero Britto Event [Live Link]

Published on 08, Dec 2022

December 1st through 3rd of 2022, Linda Walker, also known as Linda Jasmine, attended the star-studded Art Basel in Miami with friends. They explored the vivid art scene on the coast of Florida, visiting several galleries throughout the night. After witnessing many masterpieces, they went to the Ford Model's 75th anniversary celebratory event, which renowned artist Romero Britto hosted.

Romero Britto, whose work covered the walls of the event, is well-known for extravagant, bold colors and boxy figures that form what Jasmine and friends remember as “the most magnificent pieces.”

“The Art Basel itself was amazing. The Miami Beach Convention Center is a huge building with room for every genre of art exhibit. We saw paintings, sculptures, and other mediums of art created by professional and novice artists. The event was packed, and probably more than 50,000 people showed up.”

Linda Jasmine, actress, model, and self-proclaimed “momager” of two, also runs two eCommerce businesses.

“I’m truly thankful for the opportunities to visit events like the Art Basel. In November, we attended a few other local events. I am so blessed,” says Linda Jasmine. 

As an influencer, it is her mission to go on adventures and experience novel things. The model claims that there were hardships when she was just starting. She had to study day and night to perfect her craft and career. But the beauty of life’s moments makes the struggle worth it. 

Linda Jasmine with  Evander Holyfield at the Romero Britto event 

Linda recounts the Ford Models event, where Romero Britto's artwork exhibited Disney sculptures of Mickey Mouse and the Queen of Hearts, Michelangelo Creation Genesis-inspired paintings, and fully painted cars. “I loved his Happiness Collection and the bright colors he used. The Official Monopoly Game was also very memorable to us,” says Linda Jasmine.

Many other stars were at the events, such as Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, Kylie Jenner, and Cardi B. Everyone was all dressed up; Kylie and Kim wore gorgeous black leather outfits, and Rhianna was dressed in sparkles from head to toe.

“The art Basel events were so fun.” Linda says, “I’m proud of myself for accomplishing what I’ve always wanted. My ideal jobs of acting, modeling, and influencing are now my reality. I get to go on amazing adventures like this one, and then share them with the world. It’s a dream come true!

With a bachelor's degree in science, Linda pursues modeling, acting, and influencing. She runs an Instagram blog, where she posts photos of fashion, lifestyle, and parenting. Linda studied acting at The Actors Loft in Michigan. Her hobbies include singing, photography, drawing, roller skating, and being a “momager” to her sons, whose careers are also beginning to broaden.

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