Linda Jasmine Spotted at Art Basel in Miami: Maxim Party

Linda Jasmine Spotted at Art Basel in Miami: Maxim Party [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023


Miami, FL–

  Linda Walker, also known as Linda Jasmine, actress, model, and lifestyle and fashion influencer, showed up at the Maxim Party event at the Miami Art Basel in December 2022. The model and a friend perused the various art exhibits, stopping to enjoy the Maxim party’s incredible artwork and environment.

“The Art Basel was an overall exquisite experience,” holds Linda Jasmine, “it was enjoyable to be able to attend.” The model claims that hundreds of people were at the affair. Art Basel events were hosted all over the Miami area and lasted for about a week. During that time, Linda Jasmine visited many events, including a Ford Models Anniversary hosted by artist Romero Britto, a Givenchy Spring collection release, Sun Chips, and a MetaHouse event. 

“The Maxim party was a memorable night,” claims Linda Jasmine, “the event was packed. Unique artwork was displayed around the area, and a mermaid was in the pool. It was cool.”

“I’m so grateful for the experiences,” claims Linda Jasmine, who’s often seen at fashionable occasions such as these. The model and actress believes it's her role as an influencer to experience life and live it to the fullest. She shares some of these experiences on social media.

   “I have so much gratitude for the companies who invited me to their events. The night was delightful. I’m appreciative of everyone who supports me.”

Outside of influencing, modeling, and acting, Linda also runs two eCommerce businesses and acts as “momager” to her two sons. She claims that the road to where she is now was not easy. Her journey to success was often characterized by hard work and dedication, as she spent years perfecting her craft, ideas, and businesses. 

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