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Published on 10, Dec 2022

Navixha Bagga Welcomes Senator Amanda Cappelletti and VSCM Leaders to Community Event, My Saree, My Story

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – Navixha Bagga, best known for her work as a content creator and founding the ‘mindstyle’ blog Organicize Your Life, has provided a safe space for women of all backgrounds to connect, find a community, and exchange knowledge.

'My Saree, My Story - TED Style Salons', are created as a 'safe' space for women to network in, find collaboration, share and own their stories, and offer inspiration to others.


Navixha has previously helmed other community events, such as the Saree 5K Walk last September, bringing the positive thinking of Organicize Your Life to a wider audience. Through events like My Saree, My Story, Navixha is offering women a space for empowerment, open dialogue, and partnership across interests and industries.

Organicize Your Life began in 2018 as a mindset and lifestyle blog with the purpose of radical self-love and self-improvement. Described as a ‘mind-style blogger,’ Navixha offers a balanced perspective, marrying concepts of self-care and hustle to eschew the harshness of more grind-oriented branding.

A corporate IT leader as well as a successful social media content creator, Navixha offers wellness tips on her blog. Based in the Philadelphia area, Navixha holds more than two decades of professional experience in the sphere of process and technology. In her role, she spends her time assisting organizations to deliver technology solutions that enable strategic orientation, business value maximization, and process optimization. An avid content creator, Navixha's simplifies the work and home life balance in a culture hyper-focused on productivity.

Through Organicize Your Life Navixha is bringing personalities, trailblazers, and social commentators to converse and exchange ideas, convey their personal message, and to spark greater social change. Navixha’s blog has hosted celebrity actors, anchors, models, musicians, politicians, and public speakers to provide a greater perspective on our current culture and offer a space to connect.


For this inaugural instance on Sunday, Nov 13th, Navixha kicked things off with the guest of honor who's advocating for women in the State Senate, Amanda Cappelletti. Fighting for access to greater maternity rights, freedom of choice, and higher gender equity at the workplace Sen. Cappelletti was a welcome guest that was received warmly at the event, striking a chord with all attendees.

Keynote speakers Mary Onama and Lynn Williams from the board of Victim Services Center of Montgomery County touched on the true value of the service that VSCM provides in offering care to abuse victims in our local communities. From immigration-related resources for shelter, therapy, and other important services, the VSCM is helping women gain freedom from abuse.

Other attendees at the event included a host of incredible women,  IT Professional Bonnie Branz,  Coach Jothsna Kethar, IT Leader Swati Dahiya, and Fashion Designer Charu Miglani


Navixha has previously spearheaded other important community events, such as the Saree 5K Walk last September. With a focus on inclusivity and empowerment, Navixha has contributed this same energy to My Saree, My Story - TED Style Salons. Founding Organicize Your Life in 2018, Navixha is determined to embolden women to pursue goals, while also partaking in compassion for themselves and others. Navixha lives her life by the principles she expresses in her blog, hoping to convey this message to help the average woman navigate a difficult social landscape.

Navixha Bagga