Lokahi Leaf Launches New Line of Natural Health and Wellness Products

Lokahi Leaf Launches New Line of Natural Health and Wellness Products [Live Link]

Published on 20, Dec 2022

Mililani Hawaii–Lokahi Leaf, an earth-sourced wellness and beauty brand is excited to announce the launch of its latest line of products. These products will be featured on the company’s website at the start of 2023, as the company winds down its holiday bundle and  Lokahi Leaf Scholarship Program promotion.

This new line of products in development from Lokahi Leaf feature varying quantities of CBD. The company has been working closely with this natural oil since its launch and has put over a decade of research into learning about the medicinal properties of CBD and other holistic ingredients.

The first of these products to launch at the top of the year will be Lokahi Leaf’s 15mg Turmeric/Curcumin Softgels, with 30mg of CBD. Co-Founder of the company, Rochelle L. Wagner , is excited to be debuting this product to clients, as Turmeric and Curcumin offer a number of gut-health benefits. 

Lokahi Leaf’s second product launch will be their 25mg Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies with 25mg CBD. Both of these ingestible products promote gut and skin health, working with natural products that benefit digestion. Vercher and his team at Lokahi Leaf work exclusively with holistic medicinal plants and organic materials when producing their products. 

The company is also excited for the relaunch of a product that had originally hit the shelves in July 2022. Lokahi Leaf’s organic shampoo & conditioner bars are the company’s most sustainable option in their haircare line, developed with the same formula as their original shampoo products. This relaunch will focus on the products eco-friendly aspects and travel capabilities. The packaging will allow for easy re-ordering, reducing waste by letting consumers keep and reuse the original travel container, so that the new bars can be shipped without them on the re-order. These bars  were designed to incorporate the same formula seen in Lokahi Leaf’s current hair care line into bars that can promote restoration and rehydration. These organic shampoo & conditioner bars were developed specifically for travel, named for their purpose: odyssey, rendezvous, adventure, voyage, and escapade.

Finally, Lokahi Leaf will launch their Max Recovery Relief Salve which contains 2,000mg of CBD. This external salve will help promote healing for clients who experience muscle and skin pain, both chronic and temporary. The company is excited to provide products for a variety of services, including CBD needs, organic and natural wellness, skincare, petcare and haircare.

These clean and organic products follow Lokahi Leaf’s mission statement, meaning that they, like the rest of their products, are vegan, sulfate free, and paraben free, utilizing essential oils and other ingredients that come directly from nature.  

“The mission and purpose of Lokahi Leaf is to provide quality, healthy products, as well as provide educational direction and insight,” Rochelle explains on behalf of Lokahi Leaf and his team. 

The company has been working toward expansion as both Co-Founder’s continue to travel to different parts of the globe in order to seek out and research new methods of holistic healing. The company's world tour started in the Fall 2022 and will continue its run through June 2024. Their products have gone international and they are excited to continue to grow as an organic skincare, haircare and wellness lifestyle brand. Their expansion into haircare has even prompted the business to create a second, separate website, specifically for those marketed products. 

Lokahi Leaf is a lifestyle brand that is founded on the idea of holistic medicinal healing. Their products are organic, with ingredients that come directly from the earth. The company’s new products will launch at the start of 2023 but available for pre-order for all subscribers starting in December 2022. For more information about Lokahi Leaf, see their websites.

Rochelle L.Wagner: Co-Founder / Executive officer

Earl L Vercher: Co-Founder/Executive Officer