Digitus Agency Prepares to Expand its Team of Marketing and Growth Specialists

Digitus Agency Prepares to Expand its Team of Marketing and Growth Specialists [Live Link]

Published on 19, Jan 2023

Scottsdale, Arizona–

Digitus Agency, a Scottsdale-based Growth Marketing Agency, is pleased to announce the expansion of its team – a talented crew of growth advisors known for helping businesses scale their revenue through company-developed growth strategies. The group, founded by Ryan Holmes, hopes to increase clients’ revenue through various tactics, which include growth spearing, sales scripting, content marketing, paid ads, SEO, and more. The company expansion aims to serve as inspiration for the Digitus Agency mission of helping companies achieve their goals, allowing for the creation of even bolder ones. 

The agency often witnesses local, international, novel, and experienced business efforts to handle marketing success independently. Digitus Agency understands the desirability of growing without spending but asserts that the skills necessary to streamline and perfect the process can take years to learn.

“We want the best for our clients and wish to make their lives easier by offering up what we’ve learned over the years,” holds Holmes, “our success is their success.” Digitus Agency draws from its own industry knowledge and experience to help guide businesses through marketing endeavors, utilizing uniquely-crafted services in growth experiment design, prospect spearing, sales scripting, content marketing, and more. The company operates with a team of experts in lead generation, paid ads, and sales, which it now expects to grow.

“The plan to expand this team further,” says Holmes, “comes from a wish to expand our own knowledge and strategy to stay up-to-date.” Digitus Agency has previously cracked the code on how to expose and scale businesses through marketing. The company wishes to bring new ideas and minds to the table. Digitus Agency understands that staying ahead of the market requires constant evolution and adaptation. To this end, it has stayed true to its vision by bringing on new members with a diverse portfolio of knowledge – providing updated strategies that target success across all industries.

Since its foundation, Digitus Agency has offered one-on-one consultation calls to businesses looking for help. During the calls, the Digitus Agency group aims to take a personalized approach, figuring out where a business is in its growth before initiating the marketing process.

“We believe it’s essential to understand who, what, where, and why a business is to see to its success. We take an individualized and tailored approach to each client’s marketing needs after actively listening to them,” says Holmes. Then, clients are provided with the team of talent that they require, including content writers, digital marketing strategists, and quality assurance team members.

“We are proud of our team,” holds Holmes. The company prioritizes maintaining a network of inspired creatives and professionals, as they see innovation and creativity as essential to growth. 

Digitus Agency is a growth marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The firm was founded by Ryan Holmes, who previously was brought on as head of growth to Forbes-ranked top five business accelerator. There, Holmes solved scalability and profitability issues. Soon after, he started Digitus, a full-service growth agency. The company aims to scale businesses through growth experiment design, prospect spearing and lead generation, content marketing, and more. Digitus Agency is excited to add new members to the team and grow into a full-service agency utilized across the United States. To learn more, email Ryan Holmes at Ryan@digitusagency.com and visit the Digitus Agency website at https://digitusagency.com/