Looking to Give Back This Holiday Season? The Black Fairy Godmother Knows How You Can Help

Looking to Give Back This Holiday Season? The Black Fairy Godmother Knows How You Can Help [Live Link]

Published on 15, Dec 2022

Fort Lee, New Jersey–The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation is excited to be bringing back its annual Wishlist Angels Campaign this holiday season. 2022 will be the seventh year in a row that this campaign will be set into motion. After nearly a decade of taking on this project, The Black Fairy Godmother is once again looking forward to bringing marginalized families and communities across the United States the opportunity to have three “wishes” granted for the holidays. 

Simone Gordon-Founder of The Black Fairy Godmother

The Wishlist Angels Campaign will partner with consumer market registries, which include major retailers both in-store and online to give volunteers the chance to purchase items from a wishlist, made by clients. This campaign, along with all of The Black Fairy Godmother’s projects is run exclusively through donations and volunteer partnerships. This organization is a non-profit, and is always looking for new partners and donors, especially throughout December and January, while these holiday campaigns run their course. 

CEO and Founder of The Black Fairy Godmother, Simone Gordon, is optimistic that her organization will continue to grow, bringing the holiday spirit to marginalized families and those in need, who may otherwise not have a reason to celebrate. 

A second program run by the organization is called Pancakes and PJs, and will work alongside children's shelters. The Black Fairy Godmother will provide shelters with a breakfast meal on Christmas morning, cooked by partnering chefs or local restaurants. This program also provides children in the shelters with a toy of their choice, to therefore receive a gift on Christmas. 

The Black Fairy Godmother also runs a campaign called Sprinkles of Fairy Dust, which operates among homeless communities, and works to provide homeless families with a newly furnished home before Christmas. This year, Simone has announced that she hopes to set up ten homeless families into a home before December 25th, to allow them a safe space to celebrate the holiday, as well as grow their futures. 

The holidays are also integral for The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation’s “adopt a family” campaign, in which people can apply on the foundation’s website to host a family in need for the holiday. This can include individuals who may need a meal and a place to stay, up to large families of five or more. Bringing together people from oppressed and prejudiced groups into safe, caring environments is the goal of the “adopt a family” project, as it works to foster relationships within the community. 

These annual programs hosted by The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation will be working throughout the holiday season and the months of December into January. The organization is excited to, once again, have a chance to provide several charitable campaigns. 

The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation is a non-profit organization, aiming to restore Black and Brown families' stability by removing the barriers that keep them in abject poverty and domestic violence situations. The company, founded by Simone Gordon, is run on a volunteer and donation basis. For more information about The Black Fairy Godmother, visit their website and social media platforms.

Simone Gordon



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