NU Media Secures Exclusive Marketing Contracts with Many Fast-growing Restaurant Groups Nationwide

NU Media Secures Exclusive Marketing Contracts with Many Fast-growing Restaurant Groups Nationwide [Live Link]

Published on 01, Dec 2022


NU Media, a New York City-based digital marketing startup, is happy to confess its expansion by helping five new national restaurant brands with their digital marketing. The founder of NU Media, Ada Hu, claims that the company will assist other businesses’ growth through its digital marketing strategy, which NU Media has tried and tested. This NU Media move is intended to aid in the important NU Media principle of growth.

“NU Media has always believed in the power of good brand presence on digital media,” claims Hu, “As a digital marketing company, it’s our job to help these new businesses grow their audience through online mediums.”

Since its opening in 2019, NU Media has already helped more than 500 brands, some clients including Laut (which has a Michelin Star), Oscar Wilde NYC, Gong Cha, Kyuramen, K Pot, The X Pot, Meet Fresh, Hook & Reel, and more. The company has helped many businesses multiply from zero stores (pre-launch) to, in some cases, over a hundred locations. 

Already a partner with leading brands, primarily in the food and beverage space, NU Media doesn’t believe in stagnation and wishes never to stop expanding with the market. The business intends to take on the five new brands with over 100 locations under each brand to inspire their desire to keep learning.

With the new businesses, NU Media will help using its tried and tested marketing strategies. The company will assist companies in understanding the benefits of social media traffic, offer social media, marketing, and public relations training, and provide businesses with various other creative services.

“At NU Media, we like to think of ourselves as the storytellers of your brand,” holds the company, “We are a 90% women-run company and focus on helping brands, particularly underserved and underprivileged ones, often run by minorities.” Run by Generation Z, NU Media is proud of its youthful team, which understands fast-changing digital marketing trends. Instead of paralleling more traditional marketing agencies, NU Media comes up with solutions based on its analyses of markets.

On primary consultation calls with new clients, NU Media will come up with tailored and personally-developed marketing services for young brands just starting out. NU Media hopes that this will serve as further motivation to help businesses all over the world build their buyer base.

“We see NU Media being the largest food and beverage marketing agency in the United States, helping as many people as possible,” says the company’s founder. NU envisions itself putting its best efforts toward aiding businesses of any size and business owners of any level of experience. The company will take a personalized approach to present the brand to the world, growing its audience, attracting traffic, and watching the business thrive from there. 

With an eye for brand evolution, Hu believes it's important to keep growing, advising each new brand to, “Bond with curiosity, say hello to learning, and roll out your best work.”

NU Media is a digital marketing firm that specializes in helping business owners around the US grow their audience and, therefore, their business. Hu founded the company in 2019 and has seen exponential growth, now pushing the company even further with the new expansion and focus on AAPI and minority-owned companies.

To learn more, email Hu and visit the NU Media website

Ada Hu