Royal Stallion Carriers Working Toward Global Expansion

Royal Stallion Carriers Working Toward Global Expansion [Live Link]

Published on 19, Dec 2022

Dumfries, Virginia –With the rise of ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, black car and taxi services have been seeing a decline in patronage. Royal Stallion Carriers, a luxury black car service, is working on new ways to keep up with the rideshare companies. After providing vehicle services to their clients since 2009, the business has announced that they have recently launched their online customer portal. This portal is a place where clients can book their vehicles directly online. 

“The rise in popularity of apps such as Uber and Lyft have brought taxi and car services to near extinction,” Founder and CEO of Royal Stallion Carriers says. “The online portal is our way of keeping up with modern apps and services.”

Royal Stallion Carriers is excited for this updated technological advancement, as they hope to bring their luxury car service to a more modern audience. In the past, the business operated through an over the phone booking service. Now, allowing clients to book rides online, the company can offer a variety of services directly from their website, which can be accessed through mobile devices. The company is in the process of developing an application in order to streamline this process. 

Crime rates regarding ride sharing platforms have been increasing as more and more people start using them. The online platform that Royal Stallion Carriers has launched is working to add extra layers of safety to the ride sharing experience. Each car now provides riders with secure WiFi hotspots connected through their corporate locations. They integrate GPS technology to allow tracking from any device to which the route is shared, and work with military-grade encryption and firewalls to protect personal and financial information of their customers.

This business is making strides toward technological growth in a variety of ways, but one specific way in which Royal Stallion Carriers is shifting their gaze to the tech industry is through their latest IT branch in Asia. This new office is the beginning of Royal Stallion Carriers’ steps toward expanding the company to a global market. By making technical connections overseas, the black car service is working toward building a bridge between their two locations and developing other branches in several other countries worldwide.

As Royal Stallion Carriers grows, the company expresses its desire to build partnerships with small businesses and other corporations around the world, aiming to empower their employees and vendors by providing monetary benefits to their partners.

Royal Stallion Carriers is a black car service that is looking to modernize the chauffeuring industry. With their latest development of an online portal for their clients, this company is looking to expand into the ride sharing market in a way that can provide safe, luxury car services to consumers. For more information about Royal Stallion Carriers, visit their website.

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