Grove Oaks Capital Announces Platform Acquisition in the Southeast

Grove Oaks Capital Announces Platform Acquisition in the Southeast [Live Link]

Published on 06, Dec 2022

Atlanta, Georgia – Grove Oaks Capital, an Atlanta based private equity firm, has completed the process of closing on a large platform acquisition in the Southeast Region. Along with the platform, the firm is planning a roll-up thesis within the home-services vertical across the coming years. 

Grove Oaks Capital began its development in 2022 and is strategically focused on the hyper growth being experienced by organizations across the sunbelt region. The firm is set to exceed $10M in revenue in 2023; Grove Oaks Capital has trail blazed a path working alongside legacy businesses to optimize their production and scale through technology-enabled solutions. By aiding businesses that have been experiencing stagnated industry processes, Grove Oaks Capital and their network will provide forward-thinking, which can help foster intrinsic growth.

This platform acquisition comes at a formative time in the company’s growth, setting the scene for what is to come for Grove Oaks Capital. The firm is excited to announce its ability to take an active role within the daily management of all portfolio companies, while preserving a culture that cultivates long-term growth.

Austin Smoak, the founder of Grove Oaks Capital spent several formative years within Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division, where he focused on the asset management of debt and equity investments held by the firm. Smoak took those years of financial experience, and launched his own lower-middle market private equity venture just months ago. 

Austin Smoak - CEO of Grove Oaks Capital

The additional announcement of GOC’s roll-up thesis within the home-services vertical, will span several years, opening new doors for the firm.

“When your work becomes joy, you find your stride,” he says, while offering his thoughts on the successful growth of his organization. He also explains that working on something that you believe in, at your own pace is one of life’s greatest pleasures. He founded Grove Oaks Capital and credits any success to his mother & late father, who sacrificed everything to better the life of their children

Austin Smoak founded Grove Oaks Capital as a way to utilize his years in the finance industry to catapult growth in his own ventures. GOC is a lower-middle market private equity firm and is backed by a diverse group of investors, some of which include CEOs, entrepreneurs and institutional investors. For more information about this firm, see their website.

Austin Smoak


Austin Smoak