SONU Sleep, Innovative Sleeping Solutions, Soon to Launch in Retailers.

SONU Sleep, Innovative Sleeping Solutions, Soon to Launch in Retailers. [Live Link]

Published on 18, Jan 2023

Los Angeles, California – SONU Sleep is a company that has recently developed “the world's first mattress designed for side sleepers.” This product is expected to hit stores throughout 2023, though currently is available exclusively online. The SONU Sleep System is the culmination of extensive research and development for the benefit of side sleepers, and is finally ready to be released to retailers. 

SONU Sleep’s design allows the users’ arms to rest naturally where they’re meant to, with the patented Comfort Channel and Support Pillow system molding to each sleeper’s desired position, greatly reducing pressures that are unavoidable with other mattresses. The result is a unique level of comfort and a relieving sleeping experience. 

The mattress from SONU Sleep will allow the users’ arms and shoulders to fully immerse into the bed, which is made possible by the inclusion of the Comfort Channel. The company responsible for these patented products is excited for this upcoming launch in retail stores, to further grow their business and work to help side sleepers nationwide.

“The world has been sleeping on flat beds for centuries,” explains Stason Strong, Inventor and Co-Founder of SONU Sleep, “but the human body is not flat.” Strong explains that he and his business partner, Bradley Hall , had this thought in mind while developing the product made for side sleepers everywhere. 

After extensive research, followed by a series of prototypes, trials and thorough testing, Stason and Brad have pinpointed the problems with the traditional flat mattress design and have worked to solve them with their mattress that will soon be on the retail market. The SONU Sleep System was developed for the purpose of solving traditional issues surrounding sleep. The ability to fully immerse in the SONU mattress is a completely new development for the industry.


The innovative Comfort Channel and Support Pillow work together to create a system that enables the users’ shoulders and arms to move fully inside of the bed, rather than on top of it. By molding to the sleeper’s body shape and desired position, the system will work to reduce pressures that are common in users who have a traditional flat mattress. This system will also work to help couples who enjoy sleeping side by side on their sides, without the arm pressure that is typical while sleeping.

Developers at SONU Sleep have been working on this product in hopes that customers who prefer to sleep on their side will benefit from not needing to roll-over to relieve pressure on their arms and shoulders constantly, which they hope will result in sound sleep throughout the night. This system has been developed to help relieve joint and muscle pain, chronic discomfort and injuries in the neck, arms, shoulders and chest. It also works to improve breathing, while reducing snoring and fatigue in its users. 

The founders, alongside the entire team at SONU, are thrilled to be launching this product in stores and hope that this can help to change the way that people sleep.  

"At SONU Sleep, the voice of our customers is critical to our success," Hall explains. “We approach the feedback of our customers with the utmost attention as we design new models and accessories." As SONU Sleep’s mattress for side sleepers hits retailers in 2023, the company hopes to continuously work to develop new, innovative sleep solutions. 

SONU Sleep is a company that works in the mattress industry and has recently announced the launch of “the first mattress designed for side sleepers.” This product will be hitting retailers in 2023. For more information about this product and the rest of the work being done at SONU, visit their website, 

Bradley Hall

Bradley Hall