LykosGonna Launches New Line of Clothing Products

LykosGonna Launches New Line of Clothing Products [Live Link]

Published on 06, Dec 2022

Los Angeles, California–LykosGonna, a modern streetwear brand, has announced that the brand will be launching a new line of clothing products within the next couple of months. This line of urban streetwear will include sweaters, shorts, and tee shirts, and is made of 100% cotton.

This new update in their inventory comes, as LykosGonna prepares to also re-launch its hoodies and long-sleeved shirts. The business focuses on producing products that are reflective of the trends seen in modern street fashion. Their designs are simple, while maintaining the cotton material that is a staple of the street fashion industry. 

"We are excited to be working on this new line of clothing products," said Bryant Ugonna Iriele, founder and CEO of LykosGonna. "Our team has been working around the clock to make sure that everything is ready for our launch. We have some really exciting designs coming out soon, and we can't wait for everyone to see them.”

This new line of sweaters, shorts, and tees will be maintaining the brand's original style of 100% cotton, while crossing into the territory of what is trending. These items will be available in optic white, orange, pink, black, and red. 

LykosGonna is working to ensure that their latest products are accessible to the younger generations. The affordability of high-end street fashion is uncommon, and LykosGonna is preparing to use this new launch as a way to move toward low costing clothing that still maintains its quality. According to studies, the average American who identifies as a Gen Z spends a total of $1,434 each year on clothes. LykosGonna is utilizing its newest market predicting technology and aiming to lower that number with this new launch. 

This new technology plays a big part in the journey of this brand and Bryant Ugonna Iriele, Founder of LykosGonna, explains that his company utilizes these advances to predict the market, which allows LykosGonna the ability to explore new areas of the fashion Industry while lowering costs. They are also working closely with sustainable and cost effective materials, working those into their latest launch of tee shirts, sweaters and shorts. LykosGonna is thrilled about their continued inventory growth.

In addition to their added inventory, LykosGonna is announcing expansion in other ways. Their corporation is looking to grow its employment opportunities. By expanding their staff, LykosGonna can continue utilizing efficient labor strategies and provide opportunities for young people to join the fashion industry. 

LykosGonna is a streetwear brand that is looking for ways to bring affordable, modern clothing to younger generations. Founded in 2017 by CEO Bryant Ugonna Iriele, the California based brand focuses on the accessibility of street fashion for marginalized communities and upcoming generations. It was built on the foundations of comfort and affordability, which are staples of the streetwear brand. LykosGonna is ready to grow in both its inventory and its staff. For more information, see their website. 

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