LykosGonna Discusses International Expansion Alongside Inventory Growth

LykosGonna Discusses International Expansion Alongside Inventory Growth [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023

Los Angeles, California–High-end streetwear brand, LykosGonna has announced that it will be working toward global expansion. The company, which was founded in 2017, is based out of Los Angeles, but their founder, Bryant Ugonna Iriele recently hinted at “expanding on our international networks” during a recent press briefing.

The company is also launching a new line of mens and womens apparel, which include items such as sweaters, tee shirts, and shorts. These items are offered exclusively on the business’s website. 

The brand’s name, “Lykos Gonna” translates to mean “Legendary Ruler”, and highlights the importance of heritage and continuity to founder Bryant. LykosGonna is focused on utilizing fashion and art to retell age-old stories in a way that can help further cultural growth within the industry. 

Bryant Iriele was raised by parents who were fashion icons in their youth. The Nigerian-born, LA based designer attributes a good portion of his love for art and fashion to his childhood influences, which include his family and his cultural heritage. 

“There is a saying that the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” Bryant says. Nigeria is a huge part of me. I can share my culture because that’s who I am. Being a designer, you can design an enterprise that can operate anywhere on the globe, regardless of what you call home.”

As technology advances, LykosGonna seeks to do the same. This continued growth plays a big part in the fashion industry and Bryant explains that his company utilizes the latest technological advances to predict the market trends. This allows LykosGonna to be able to explore new areas of fashion, while lowering costs. 

Worldwide expansion isn’t far off for LykosGonna, as the influences of their brand stem directly from the founder’s Nigerian roots. The comfort of the products, which is a staple of the streetwear brand, is easily marketable through all different genres of the fashion industry. Their bold colors and designs stay in line with the latest trends in the industry.

LykosGonna has also announced that it will be expanding its staff in the new year, looking to maintain their momentum as the company grows. Employees of this company will work and collaborate with other designers in the industry in order to work toward future collection launches. 

LykosGonna is a high-end streetwear brand that is looking for ways to bring affordable, quality clothing to younger generations. Founded in 2017 by CEO Bryant Ugonna Iriele, the California based brand is ready to grow in both its inventory and its staff. For more information, see their website. 

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