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Published on 16, Jan 2023

Capital Gold Real Estate Group Opens New, Ultra-Modern Office in Bethesda

BETHESDA, Maryland – Real estate firm Capital Gold Group is striving to provide extensive market knowledge, dynamic negotiating skills, strong work-ethic, forward-thinking marketing, and unparalleled service to its clients. Focusing on promoting the innovative use of technology and video, Capital Gold also maintains a 100% positive customer service rating and has a significant social media following. Recently, the firm opened a new, ultra-modern office in Bethesda as it expands its business.

Based in Potomac and now hosting new ultra-modern offices in Bethesda, Capital Gold serves the MD, DC, and VA areas, to help with all and any buying, selling, investing, and renting of properties. Licensed across three states, the group provides effective support in facilitating the best deal for a client. “Technology in particular has played a much larger role in the firm than it ever has. We’re using every resource possible to find someone a property that’s perfectly suited for them and their needs. Whether they’re looking for something as-is or if they’re hoping to develop a property further, we can help.”

Unveiling New Office in Bethesda, Maryland

The new offices offer a variety of amenities, such as personalized workspaces for agents and their clients. Through the dynamic use of color psychology, as well as utilizing natural and eco-friendly elements, Capital Gold intends to curate a calming and stress-free space utilizing integrated technology to streamline processes and match clients with the right property for them. Boasting a modern decor with recreational and lounge spaces, Capital Gold’s business approach is likewise approachable and down to earth while striving for sophistication.

Capital Gold specializes in luxury real estate, offering homes of various styles and layouts, displaying aesthetic qualities ranging from expressive opulence to quiet elegance. From buyers seeking out a home to settle, a renter wanting the most out of their tenancy, or a seller trying to find someone who appreciates the true beauty of their home, Capital Gold strives to offer the best with its new tech-driven office in Bethesda.

About The Capital Gold Group

The Capital Gold Group offers real estate services to both buyers and sellers of luxury real estate across Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. As agents of the firm have won several awards for customer satisfaction both locally and nationally, Capital Gold has also received praise for its use of social media in showcasing its properties. Founder and President of Capital Gold Group 

The group’s new ultra-modern office in Bethesda is designed to offer clients a streamlined and easy experience in either selling or buying a home in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Recently named one of the fastest-growing brokerage firms in the country, Capital Gold’s new office was established in hopes of meeting the demand of clients while simplifying processes to offer an easier, stress-free experience in buying or selling a new home.

As President and Founder of The Capital Gold Group, Michael Boateng leads a team responsible for representing buyers and sellers of distinguished properties throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. Having been named the Best Real Estate Agent in Customer Satisfaction in the United States for 2020-2021 by the International Properties Awards, Boateng prioritizes the exemplary support of his clients. Also earning the award for Top Real Estate Agent Customer Satisfaction in Potomac by The Potomac Developers and Builder’s Association in their annual lists.  Michael volunteers with his church and is a co-founder of the nonprofit Future Leaders, an organization committed to ending child poverty.

The Future of Capital Gold

Striving to offer the absolute best in luxury homes across DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Michael Boateng and the entire team at Capital Gold hold licensure across the DMV area. Their new ultra-modern office in Bethesda offers a streamlined experience for clients looking to sell, buy or rent with integrated technology to simplify the process for clients. In a space that accommodates both clients and agents to deliver quality service, Capital Gold is confident that the new offices will provide the team with greater support and ease, as well as its client base.

Named one of the Top 1% in real estate investment in Maryland and DC, Top 40 Under 40, and Industry Leader among other accolades, President/Founder of Capital Gold Michael Boateng isn’t intending to rest anytime soon. “I have many active listings still available to view across our social media accounts,” Michael says. “We’ve been giving our clients the absolute best for years, and we intend on doing that for the years to come.”

Capital Gold is recognized and admired for its extensive market knowledge, dynamic negotiating skills, strong work-ethic, forward-thinking marketing, and unparalleled service. Its innovative use of technology and video has earned the group a well-respected reputation, not only with clients but amongst peers throughout the industry. Capital Gold maintains an impressive five-star rating for customer service and has an impressive social media following and has been named one of the Top Realtors in the Country for its use of Instagram and video marketing to sell homes for top dollar, earning numerous awards for its achievements. 

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