Online Gift Giving Startup GroupGiftz Expands Gifting App with Social Features

Online Gift Giving Startup GroupGiftz Expands Gifting App with Social Features [Live Link]

Published on 19, Dec 2022



GroupGiftz, a Rye, NY gift-giving company, is happy to announce the release of its new application social features. The founder, Celine Ofori-Amanfo, started GroupGiftz upon realizing that group gifting could be even more efficient yet personable than it was before. Keeping in mind that social media often facilitates connection with close ones, she claims that the new GroupGiftz app social aspects were recently thought of to humanize online gift-giving.


“Group gifting is a common way for several people to contribute money toward one gift for a specific person. Starting in 2018, we have worked over the years to improve the app through feedback that we received from our users. Our goal is to make our users an integral part of everything we do. We want to change the landscape of how people view gifting cash for all occasions,” claims the GroupGiftz founder, Celine Ofori-Amanfo.


The new messaging and chat option is created to make group gifting more communal. While GroupGiftz has previously helped make group gifting simple, more action was needed so that customers could better communicate with each other about their efforts. GroupGiftz hopes that by developing the app to have social features, it can assist in keeping alive the intimate personality of in-person gift-giving.


With this goal to make the GroupGiftz process a more friendly one, the company designed the application to combine the gifting service of the company with the cordial nature of a social app. 


The application opens up on a brightly colored platform, the first page styled to feel as welcoming as possible. The app questions users about which type of group gifts they’d prefer to start and then connects user profiles to their phone contacts. When designing this part, GroupGiftz focused on ensuring that one can invite their friends to the app. Through a non-confrontational “invite friends” option, GroupGiftz hopes to parallel the formality of the physical act of gift-giving. 


Because the business strives to embody the social aspect of in-person gift giving, they were motivated to provide users with uniquely designed chat and messaging features. In the group gift chat room, all group members can send messages directly into a large chat. The spaces are made to be all-inclusive, a place for every group member to chip in and provide their thoughts on the activity. By enabling a direct messaging feature, GroupGiftz wishes to lend the app a collective feel, allowing givers to communicate better. GroupGiftz believes that this aspect of the experience is important for members because of how well conversation and gift-giving go hand-in-hand.


Realizing the relevance of group gifts, which are a common way for several people to contribute money toward one gift for a specific person, Ofori-Amanfo started the company in 2018 to make the procedure convenient and fun.


“We witness a lot of group gifts for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and even in some cases, starting a new business or getting a Ph.D. Aware that people now more than ever are choosing cash gifts versus traditional gifts, GroupGiftz hopes to allow people to use the funds towards what they need rather than unwanted gifts. Now, our efforts have expanded into the social arena, the app’s new features pushing givers to connect over giving, which is meant to be a shared experience.”


GroupGiftz is a group gift-giving company specializing in making the group gift-giving process effortless, simple, and special like it is in real life. They are currently reachable in over 170 countries and plan on expanding this number soon. To learn more email, visit the company website, and follow the company LinkedIn and Instagram @groupgiftz