Queen Nette LLC Partners With Local Banks to Teach Financial Literacy to Emerging Homeowners.

Queen Nette LLC Partners With Local Banks to Teach Financial Literacy to Emerging Homeowners. [Live Link]

Published on 15, Dec 2022

Concord, California– Queen Nette LLC, a company that focuses on teaching financial literacy to the American public, has announced the launch of its latest book, titled “Entrepreneurs Lifeline to Business Credit”. This release also includes its partner publication, a series of “Entrepreneurs Lifeline to Business Funding” eBooks. 

As those new products hit shelves and online stores, Queen Nette LLC is working alongside a local high school in California to educate the next generation of Americans about the practice of financial literacy. The company is also excited to also be partnering with several other personal and professional business credit boosting companies and bankers in order to expand their outreach to a variety of communities, both online and in person. 

Tonette Stewart, CEO of Queen Nette LLC will first be operating within the banking and real estate markets, working toward teaching financial literacy to new homeowners. Queen Nette LLC will be leading workshops in which the focus will be on their first publication, “How to Repair, Rebuild, and Restore your Credit Score.” The workshops will be ongoing, as the business aims to develop a community of well-informed home buyers. 

The workshops will focus on teaching clients about the necessary credit profile needed to acquire a mortgage loan. This project is the start of the company’s expansion into a variety of financial markets.

Queen Nette LLC’s upcoming education partnership will allow the company a space in which they can reach a younger audience, starting the journey of building credit and becoming financially secure at an early age. The workshops and assemblies will discuss two different strategies of education, both of which will center around financial literacy. The first approach is credit restoration, which the founder discusses in detail through her first book. The second is all about business consulting, which Queen Nette LLC will be offering to its clients. 

The company is working to reach a new pool of clients with its latest high school speaking opportunity and real-estate finance workshop, which they hope will include individuals who come from families who struggle with their finances, to potential homeowners. With several books now available, Queen Nette LLC is gearing up to continue their mission of educating its clients about all things finance. The business is going into 2023, ready to offer hourly consultation regarding credit building, business entity, and building business credit. 

Queen Nette LLC is a credit building and financial wellness company, based in Concord, California. The business creates and publishes books about financial literacy and credit growth, which are available to clients around the world. The founder of Queen Nette LLC, Tonette Stewart is an author, consultant and motivational speaker who created her business with the foundation of inspiring others to learn and expand their financial awareness. For more information about Queen Nette LLC and their publications, visit their website.

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