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Published on 05, Dec 2022

2022 Impact Leadership Conference Offering Leadership Resources Free & Virtual

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Combining world-class facilities with cutting-edge education approaches to leadership development and academic instruction, Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution where students graduate debt-free to ensure they are educated, equipped, and empowered to expand the Kingdom of God. The college will be holding the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference virtually on December 7th.

Offering a dynamic comprehensive half-day featuring hosts, ESPN's Lauren Sisler and college President Mark Pettus, the Impact Leadership Conference offers the chance to glean perspectives from some of the most influential and brightest leaders, helping attendees maximize their effectiveness in business and their community as well as their everyday life. Entirely free and 100% virtual, Highlands College makes a special effort to make services accessible to make a more significant investment in leaders and professionals from every field and industry.

Offering the highest quality in leadership training, the Impact Leadership Conference helps attendees equip themselves with skills for leading a home, family, community, or workplace. 

Featuring NYT Best Seller Dr. John C Maxwell

Hosted by ESPN's Lauren Sisler and Highlands College President Mark Pettus, the 2022 Impact Leadership Conference is for anyone seeking to make the most significant impact on their business, team, family, and community by building leadership skills. The virtual leadership development conference, hosted and provided by Highlands College and its presenting partner, Founders Advisors, will be held on December 7th, and will be available to all who wish to attend. The Impact Leadership Conference is meant to provide a space for individuals to learn effective concepts in leadership and development.

Leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. John C. Maxwell, Church of the Highlands Senior Pastor and Highlands College Chancellor Chris Hodges, and New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, Jamie Kern Lima will lead sessions throughout the event, offering valuable insight to an incoming generation of leaders. 

Supporting Positive Leadership Across Industries

Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the Church with the next generation of leaders with the drive, skills, and incredible sense of character necessary to fulfill the Great Commission.

As Highlands College receives donations from supporters to offer instruction and development to students on campus, The Impact Leadership Conference is one of the ways that Highlands College adds value to donors and prospective students alike. Offering this conference free of charge and online, Highlands College is showing a commitment to supporting positive leadership in all locations, phases, and industries.

Register for the Impact Leadership Conference today by visiting ImpactLeader.com

To learn more, visit HighlandsCollege.com or contact Danielle Womack at Danielle.Womack@HighlandsCollege.com