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Published on 15, Dec 2022

DJ Sara Pedraza Announces Debut Of Vibing Concepts, A New Level Of Performance Coaching

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Sara Pedraza, best known as female DJ extraordinaire, announces the upcoming launch of a new business venture. Set to debut in January 2023, Vibing Concepts LLC will provide online and in-person coaching for those seeking to develop their skills in areas that include on-stage presentation, public speaking, proper performance presentation, posture and body language, makeup, stage dress code, stage production, and business development. The brand will also feature a retail component that includes apparel, shoes, brand designs, and costumes. 

Pedraza’s company, Las Vegas-based SP Entertainment, was established in 2011 and has evolved over the years by specializing in providing female DJs, dancing DJs, performers, aerialists, specialty acts, stage productions, interactive events, and models for various occasions including weddings and corporate parties. 

“SP Entertainment took the entertainment industry by storm, offering something completely different,” says Pedraza. “I have been in the industry for over 20 years, and now I’m ready to add to my portfolio by introducing the world to Vibing Concepts LLC.” 

Pedraza explains that she is passionate about sharing her industry knowledge and expertise with future entrepreneurs. The recent social media marketing graduate is now qualified to help others achieve their goals in entertainment and business through coaching and marketing consulting. 

“The Vibing Concepts program will include everything to help you develop and establish your own business,” says Pedraza. “This does not just include entertainment. It can be applied to any type of business.”

As part of the Vibing Concepts brand, Pedraza has created the Xpress Your Vibe network that is designed specifically to empower female performers and entrepreneurs. Pedraza will teach members how to develop their talents by inspiring them to discover their abilities and grow their confidence. 

“The goal is to help you feel so strong, poised, and secure that you will be ready to express yourself in front of any audience,” says Pedraza. “Under Vibing Concepts LLC, we are introducing Xpress Your Vibe to provide coaching for female entrepreneurs, stage performers, and speakers, as well as female dancers, acrobats, and circus performers. I’m looking forward to building a brand that is unique, innovative, and resonates with people who share my values, and my vibe. I am starting a community where we can learn, share, and get inspired and motivated. My goal is to empower hundreds of women to become entrepreneurs.”

Sara Pedraza’s vast knowledge comes from years of intense training and schooling in music, dance, modeling, makeup, and coaching. She is also a proud fourth-generation classically-trained musician and has traveled the world since 2000, performing in some of the most exquisite venues. Through her strong work ethic, musical heritage, and as the founder of SP Entertainment in Las Vegas, she has learned everything you can imagine about the entertainment industry and has done it all. This woman of many talents has opened for chart-topping bands, arena venue concerts, world-traveling DJs, and performers. She has also produced her own Las Vegas Production shows.  

For more information about Vibing Concepts, please visit the website or contact:

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