Million Dollar Technological Investments from Isa Aydin Photography Allow Them to Keep Up With Modern Advancements

Million Dollar Technological Investments from Isa Aydin Photography Allow Them to Keep Up With Modern Advancements [Live Link]

Published on 08, Dec 2022

Hollywood, California– Isa Aydin Photography is excited to announce the opening of its newest studio, located in Hollywood, California, which will focus exclusively on beauty products photography and video production. This development comes at the heels of the commercial product photography company’s million dollar investment in the latest technological advances. 

The ever changing marketing industry is rapidly expanding alongside new advances in technology. Photography, video production, and CGI are hitting new heights, making it integral for small businesses to keep up with these changes. 

Isa Aydin Photography is based in New York and has recently invested over a million dollars on the newest technology available in product advertisement. CEO and Founder, Isa Aydin himself expresses excitement over his company’s latest expansion, which includes the most expensive lighting equipment and camera systems in the advertisement industry in order to maintain precision and color accuracy while photographing color sensitive products, such as makeup.

Although their newest studio in Hollywood specializes in beauty product advertising, their business services clients who wish to promote a wide variety of products, nationwide. These include things such as makeup and skincare photography, in addition to fashion, technology, and other consumer products.

Technological growth is one of the biggest focuses for Isa Aydin Photography, as the founder has over 20 years of cinematography and photography experience. Isa understands firsthand the importance of investing in new equipment, having worked in IT for ten years. With this new expansion, the company is working to keep up with modern technology and continue its growth. 

Isa Aydin Photography connects with clients from all regions of the United States, and utilizes tracking cameras during their product photo shoots so that clients can virtually view the process in real-time and see the photoshoot from six to seven different angles. Even though the company serves locations such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, Isa Aydin Photography offers their clients the opportunity to ship their products directly to the studio for free, using the company’s shipping labels so that they never have to leave their homes. 

With more than 20 full-time editors and CGI experts employed nation-wide, Isa Aydin Photography is working  to streamline the process of their photoshoots and they continually invest time in their training and obtaining knowledge regarding the latest technological advances, including photography, professional editing & CGI. 

The founder takes pride in knowing that Isa Aydin Photography does not use any Artificial Intelligence-based solutions or third-party overseas retouchers. The technology that he and his team invest in are state-of-the-art editing tools, not yet seen in other commercial product advertisement companies. 

Isa Aydin Photography has over 20 years in the industry and utilizes the newest technological advances in order to keep up with the growing beauty industry. For more information on Isa Aydin Photography, see their website.

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