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Published on 12, Jan 2023



Leojeany, a fashion brand and designer, recently announced intentions to incorporate more photography into the company practice. The stylist, designer, model, actor, influencer, and founder of Leojeany, Leo Li, claims that the brand will be broadcasting some of its best pieces through the new photography endeavor. 

“Since I’ve loved fashion, I’ve loved photography,” claims Li, on a mission to inspire others with the magic he sees in the industry. “There is a power behind the camera, on the runway, in the clothing we design. Leojaeny’s mission has been to give that power to others and style them so they feel as confident as possible, like they could conquer the world.”

The company has previously styled and designed for others in the area. Local models, brands, agencies, and businesses have endorsed the company based on its unique take on fashion, one that combines the heights of high fashion with the comfortable elements of streetwear.

“We will display this type of wear through our new photography. The models we’ve dressed for shoots in the past have represented the Leojeany look. Now, we will be the ones shooting. With a precision about where, when, and how we will photograph them, the Leojeany team intends to fully embody our look, which can be described as extreme yet simple, fun yet professional, and elegant yet casual.”

Past Leojeany looks have followed this outline. But, the company plans to also release a new line in the future, one characterized by more of their contradictory style with bold colors, loud cuts, and innovative accessories. A company sponsor recently gathered inspiration for this line at New York Fashion Week, where the sponsor photographed several runway looks.

“New York Fashion Week was a beautiful week. I took photos of the models in their designs and was reminded of how much you can do with a camera, especially when working with your own model and clothing.”

Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

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Leo Li