A young influencer and fashion stylist sat shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s biggest names at New York Fashion Week

A young influencer and fashion stylist sat shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s biggest names at New York Fashion Week [Live Link]

Published on 25, Nov 2022


Attending New York Fashion Week is every fashion connoisseur’s dream. Leo Li, a young stylist and social media star, was in the midst of it all, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s biggest names at several New York Fashion Week shows. Sharing his love for fashion with Hollywood stars, the eighteen year-old college student found himself living a life of la mode.

Originally from XinJiang, China, the charming influencer left for the states when he was fourteen and attended high school in Jersey Shore. He now speaks Chinese and English. A long-standing passion for color and style lent him a large fascination with the unique air of designer wear.

Li particularly favors involving in the industry by styling for models and friends, his social media platforms moving fashion followers with interesting photos of friends and famous alike. Today, the Manhattan, NYC-based social media leader and young model stylist has big ideas to further enter into the business of fashion, particularly as it relates to the runway.

And he’s not wasting any time, grateful to find himself right at the center of it all. 

Fashion week, a series of stunning shows displayed in unique fashion, was created to present the world’s best creators and their unique designs. Today, this is accomplished through a series of timeless displays that show off their proud pieces. Fashion champions from each corner of the world visit NYC to enjoy the well-known fashion week atmosphere, one praised for its intriguing innovations, fantastic performances, and most of all, fashion-savvy people.

Li, one of those people, was captured by Getty images on the Rooftop Terrace of Spring Studios in Tribeca. The event, Glam Slam: Session 3, an IMG models and Spring Studios affair, was produced by FOCUS. It occurred to honor two of New York’s most cherished occasions, The US Open Tennis Championships and New York Fashion Week.

Li was invited to witness a panel hosted, during which figure la mode Cynthia Rowley, Style of Sports Founder Claudia Lebenthal, and professional tennis player Alexandra Stevenson talked about sport and style in pop culture, focusing on the interaction between tennis legends and fashion.

During the week, Li also met some of the world’s biggest trailblazers and attended several shows, including Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Fendi, and Laquan Smith.

The Fendi show that Li attended wielded simple hairstyles with bright, neon colors. On Li’s page, photos are put up of the supermodels, Li in a packed audience, and Li behind the scenes with a friend.

Li is now contributing his ideas to the fashion world, deeply involved in fashion styling and photography, and intends to do some modeling work in the near future. A social media star with bright ideas, Li intends to one day share his passion for fashion in every-day life through a presentation of his own, personal ideas on the magazine covers of Vogue and Forbes.

“I think success is being able to do what you love and make a joyful living off of it,” Li claims.

The young influencer has learned that entrepreneurship is about taking risks and being willing to work hard to make money doing what you love. He holds that, in order to accomplish one’s goals, one must have a positive demeanor and be willing to open up to new experiences and people.

Li attended New York Fashion Week in September of 2022. You can follow Li on Instagram @leojeany, TikTok @leojeany, Facebook @leojeany, and Twitter @leojeany

Leo Li