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Published on 12, Jan 2023

Stylist/Photographer Leojeany Preps for Milan Fashion Week

Leo Li is an 18-year-old college student, originally from XinJiang, China, who now rules the streets of Manhattan with his trademark urban style. His fashion and influencing brand, Leojeany, is taking social media by storm as he posts across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

As he looks into making the transition from influencer/content creator to actor and model, Leo has already established himself as a talented fashion photographer and high-profile stylist. He has been featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo, the New York Entrepreneur, and other news platforms, and recently attended New York Fashion Week.

On his social media, Leo offers fans and followers an inside glimpse into the hottest fashion events; for example, he recently posted a video inside the New York Louis Vuitton Soho Pop-up, something most people will never get a chance to see otherwise. He shared exclusive images of his time at NY Fashion Week’s Glam Slam event, which combined two American icons: fashion and tennis.

Now Leo and his entourage prepare to attend Milan Fashion Week, having scored a highly coveted invitation, where several of his close associates will be walking the runway. Leo will have a front row seat as the latest, hottest trends hit the catwalk. “Fashion is magic,” Leo says. “I’ve always had a passion for modeling, photography, and the runway. I’m obsessed with brilliant colors. I can’t wait to see what Milan has in store.”

He’ll be styled in his own trademark look, which has graced New York City’s top clubs, and which he sported at NY Fashion Week shows by Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Fendi, and Laquan Smith. Leo’s styled looks have been seen on multiple New York models, and his style often incorporates pops of color, wild makeup, and extreme hairstyles.

Milan Fashion Week will showcase the forthcoming Fall/Winter collections by luxury designers such as Marni, Roberto Cavalli, and Bulgari. This extremely exclusive event, held in the fashion capital of Italy, is one of the year’s most anticipated celebrations of style. Milan Fashion Week will feature over 150 events, presentations, and shows, held both indoors and in historic outdoor venues such as Piazza del Duomo, Milan’s main piazza; and the courtyard of Castello Sforzesco, a medieval citadel.

This groundbreaking annual event truly sets the tone for fashion and style for the entire world. Trends revealed on the catwalk are later seen on Hollywood’s biggest A-list celebrities, musicians, and professional athletes; and then styles based on these collections are then modified and mass produced for the everyday fashionista. Italy is the heart of fashion, and Milan Fashion Week is where it all stems from.

“I’m so honored and excited to be traveling to Italy for Milan Fashion Week,” says Leo. “It’s one of the premier fashion events in the world every year - not very many people are privileged enough to attend.” He is excited to network with other stylists and photographers, learn from top designers, and support his friends and associates on the runway.

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Leo Li