Linda Jasmine and Her Son Attend a Heat Game in Miami

Linda Jasmine and Her Son Attend a Heat Game in Miami [Live Link]

Published on 08, Dec 2022


Linda Walker, also known by Linda Jasmine, is an actress, model, influencer, and socialite. She and her son recently attended the Miami Heat Game in November. The duo later posted about it on their social media platforms, which help the family to share experiences and blog adventures.

The Trail Blazers beat the Miami Heat 110-107 with a last-second 3-pointer made by Hart. Linda and her son sat in the stadium to watch the event together, cheering along the Miami Heat in custom-made basketball shirts. The duo was later invited to shoot a few hoops on the court.

“Too bad the Heat didn’t win, but the game was great to watch anyway, we had a fun time together” claims Linda, who later posted about the event on her social media platforms.

Videos of Linda’s Heat game attendance can be found on her Instagram page, where she posted it in video form. The content features a heart-warming video collage of Linda and her son watching the game from the red stadium seats, both enjoying the atmosphere and each other’s company, shots of Linda shooting hoops, and a clip of the players during the game.

Linda is known to post photos and videos about events like this. “I like to keep my Instagram fresh and updated but most importantly, real.” claims Linda, “I post about things of every genre. On my handles are photos and videos of fashion, lifestyle, and even parenting.”

Linda recognizes that her and her sons have an affinity for basketball that they wish to inspire their followers with. “We watch it constantly and play it all the time, often renting out courts and practicing together.” The game was not only a bonding activity for the family but a chance to expose the love for basketball through more social media content.

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