The Michigan Network: The First of Many Channels Set to Launch Under NC1 Network

The Michigan Network: The First of Many Channels Set to Launch Under NC1 Network [Live Link]

Published on 19, Dec 2022

Nashville, Tennessee– NC1 Agency, a consulting firm for corporations and entertainment industries, has announced its latest OTT Network channel called “NC1 Network.” The network will appear on platforms such as Roku and Hulu, starting in 2023. 

The Michigan TV Network, which will debut on the NC1 network, will feature news and business insight within the state of Michigan, and will be the first of 25 support channels acquired by NC1. This space will be a gateway for entertainers and musicians, as this channel will also feature content that can teach skills and business practices to content creators throughout Michigan, as well as Nashville, Tennessee. 

NC1 Agency’s creator, Nick Caster is an American businessman and entertainer, who launched the agency as a way to build a network of like-minded artists, businesspeople, and even corporations with Co Founder Dani Felt. Caster and his team at NC1 Agency are working within the Web3 space to create new growth strategies for emerging markets.  

As the first channel of many on the horizon that will be launched under NC1, The Michigan TV Network hopes to continue curating brand partnerships between music and film by collaborating with filmmakers and musicians who wish to feature their content through this streamable network. 

The Michigan TV Network will also run advertisements, which will feature collaborative partnerships that have been acquired by NC1. The agency’s most recent partnership will allow them to work alongside entertainment professional Steve Owens. With 43 Platinum & Gold Records, Owens will have his work featured on The Michigan TV Network, thanks to his collaboration with NC1.

The team at NC1 is excited for this new launch, expected in 2023, and is hoping for continual growth in the upcoming years as they continue developing their remaining channels. The agency is working toward building a community of corporate operatives, in order to grow their consulting platform, which will help gather future partnerships between themselves and corporations who wish to be featured on their channels. 

Eventually, NC1 hopes to launch channels with a worldwide audience, as a way to further connect the entertainment industry with corporate collaboration. The Michigan TV Network will reach a specific viewership, within certain communities. However, as more channels continue to roll out under the NC1 Network, this audience will expand. 

NC1 Agency is a digital based company that is working behind the scenes in the entertainment and marketing industries. The collaboration of these two markets will be featured on their newest channel, The Michigan TV Network, which is set to launch in January 2023. This network is a platform for news and business teachings within the Michigan area, as well as Nashville, Tennessee. For more information about NC1, or The Michigan Tv Network, visit their website.

Nick Caster

Nick Caster