Ecopreneur: Collaboration Between Communities and Small Businesses For Environmental Growth

Ecopreneur: Collaboration Between Communities and Small Businesses For Environmental Growth [Live Link]

Published on 09, Dec 2022

New York, USA– Ecopreneur is an environmental media platform that works to utilize practices like mobilization to transform social impact into something that can produce  revenue. The organization has announced that they recently launched their first pilot campaign in collaboration with the city of Camden, New Jersey and Pure World

The platform aims to increase awareness for brands and nonprofits by partnering them with activist advocates. This latest pilot campaign, which partnered Camden and Pure World, is the first of several upcoming collaborative working relationships that Ecopreneur is working toward developing. 

Jared Salois: Co Founder of Ecopreneur

“Our unique business model allows Ecopreneur to facilitate meaningful partnerships between brands and non-profits while incentivizing volunteers to participate,” explains Jared Salois, Co-Founder of Ecopreneur. “We strive to instill three values in every Ecopreneur: compassion, communication, and community.”

Salois has expressed that having been in corporate positions with an entrepreneurial mindset, Ecopreneur is able to observe the way in which business culture has changed over the years. Having observed such cultures, it inspires the leadership team at Ecopreneur to invent a more compassionate driven work culture. By working through a philosophy of teamwork, ecological development, and human connection, this organization aims to grow beyond the corporate work industry, already so deeply ingrained into society. 

The company is in the beginning processes of partnerships within their own community, however, the team at Ecopreneur has expressed interest in moving into a global market as well. The company desires to create campaigns that will enable people to want to engage and take action within the communities in which they collaborate. 

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Ecopreneur has begun implementing a “remote-first” business practice. This not only promotes the idea of human connectivity and safety, but also minimizes business spaces, thus limiting the carbon footprint of the company as a whole. 

The collaboration between Camden and Pure World is a way for Ecopreneur to promote brands through eco-friendly projects, which can include composting, cleanups, and recycling. By volunteering for these campaigns, Ecopreneur uses merchandise from their partnership brands as a way to compensate for the hard work of the community volunteers. 

Philip Toussaint:  Chief Executive Officer of Ecopreneur.

As they branch out into new communities, Ecopreneur is excited to extend partnership opportunities to small businesses looking for further involvement in social and sustainable efforts, as well as individuals who may have a desire or requirement to fulfill volunteer community service hours.

Ecopreneur is an environmental media platform that works in collaboration with businesses and communities in order to bring about ecological and sustainable practices. The company operates through mobilization of volunteers and organizations by utilizing merchandise distribution, as well as social media outreach. For more information about Ecopreneur and their upcoming campaigns, visit their website. 


Jared Salois and Philip Toussaint