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Published on 10, Jan 2023

Health Food Innovator, Natural Heaven, Debuts Bantastic Brownie Thin Crisps

POMPANO BEACH, Florida – Natural Heaven, a growing company committed to creating healthy versions of everyday food, announces the debut of its new keto-friendly gourmet dessert snack made from green banana flour. With the rollout of the Bantastic Brownie Thin Crisps, the health food company aims to fight diseases with balanced, healthy, and delicious food solutions. The new Bantastic line of dessert and snack products is low-carb and completely free of gluten, sugar, and dairy.  

“We understand that for most people, healthy eating can be one of the hardest habits to form,” says Raphael Mortati, CEO and Founder of Natural Heaven. “Thinking about this, at Natural Heaven, our products bridge the gap between nutrition and taste.”

Green bananas are a powerful source of nutrition containing a high-level concentration of mineral salts and resistant starch, which acts on the body as a dietary fiber to help with intestinal regulation and cholesterol control. The fiber-functional properties of green bananas can also lower the glycemic index of foods to help prevent degenerative diseases associated with intestinal metabolism. Additionally, the green banana has the ability to limit body fat storage and contribute to weight loss by reducing triglyceride blood levels. Studies show that they also have the potential to prevent chronic non-communicable comorbidities, making them a healthy food option for those with Type 2 Diabetes. 

Natural Heaven was created with the mission to develop everyday food with healthier ingredients. The company established itself as a health food innovator with the successful launch of its line of pasta, rice, and potatoes made from hearts of palm. Mortati explains that when he came up with the idea to use hearts of palm as the raw material to create the food alternatives, the industry, at that time, was only offering packaged hearts of palm in glass jars or cans. 

“I developed plastic packaging, a cheaper and more flexible option that completely transformed the industry,” says Mortati. “Now, made from hearts of palm, our pasta and rice alternatives look and taste like the real thing with more nutritional value and fewer negative health effects. I also innovated new processes and machines, allowing hearts of palm to be extruded into pasta, rice, and even mashed potato substitutions. Our products are currently available in over 10,000 stores.”

With continued success, the company reveals that it has plans to expand its product offerings with the upcoming development of its new production facility in the United States. 

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