VVS Jewelers Announces New Collections of High-End Jewelry

VVS Jewelers Announces New Collections of High-End Jewelry [Live Link]

Published on 17, Nov 2022

New York, New York– With the holidays quickly approaching and 2022 coming to an end, consumers have a crunched timeline when it comes to buying gifts for loved ones. As November winds down, the holiday season hits its full stride and stores, both online and physical, will be preparing for this time of year. 

Reem the Dream (Reem Soltan), owner of VVS Jewelers has recognized this crucial seasonal period for her business and has already begun preparations for the holidays. Her company has announced that they are excited to start the launch of their new products. 

When it comes to gift giving, one of the most popular purchases made by consumers are jewelry products. Whether for an engagement, or simply a statement of gratitude, jewelry seems to fly off the shelves at this time of year.  VVS Jewelers is preparing to announce a few high-end pieces that will be available before the end of 2022.  

As the CEO and Founder of VVS Jewelers, Reem’s New York urban lifestyle has given her a niche specialization in both custom jewelry and luxury watches. She has over eleven years of experience in the predominantly male industry and in 2020, founded VVS Jewelers as her own independent business. As one of the only women in the jewelry business, Reem’s company specializes in CAD design and illustration to bring her passion for art into the business world. 

Recent collections of VVS Jewelers include pieces designed to showcase different species of animals, as well as highlight the human anatomy. Their upcoming launch of luxury watches is on the horizon, showcasing the extensive research that the company has done to provide watches that are ethically made and customizable. Their designs are made in small batches, rather than being mass produced in order to maintain individuality for their clients. 

“We believe each piece should be as unique as the individual who wears it,” Reem explains. “We hand-select each of our diamonds and gemstones to ensure each piece is one-of-a-kind.” With this in mind, their website has begun offering clients the “Customize Your Own” feature, which allows customers to fill out a form and design their own custom pieces of jewelry. This feature offers extensive options of customization including the type of metal, the karat amount, color, and more. Reem explains that the custom designs are all from the client, making them specific to them, and that the options will be fairly unlimited. 

VVS Jewelers is also determined to minimize their environmental footprint, and has announced that their packaging is now recyclable, made from eco-friendly material. Their diamonds are ethically sourced, to prevent contamination and inflation of the industry. 

In preparation for the next season of their development, VVS Jewelers has several new collections in the works, getting ready to be available to clients before the holidays, 

VVS Jewelers is a New York based jewelry company that focuses on customized pieces and luxury watches. Their CEO is one of the first women to break into the business. For more information regarding Reem The Dream and VVS Jewelers, see their website and instagram.

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