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Published on 08, Nov 2022

Data Tech Entrepreneur Sabira Arefin Is Pioneering ID Resolution Solutions

SEATTLE, Washington – Identity resolution, the science of connecting consumer identifiers to one individual as he or she interacts across channels and devices, helps build a cohesive, omnichannel view of the consumer that enables brands to deliver relevant messaging throughout the customer journey in a way that is accurate and privacy compliant.             

Recent changes in location data and privacy regulations continue to make ID resolution solutions more than just a buzzword in the world of martech. According to a Winterberry Group report, U.S. marketers are expected to spend $2.6 billion on identity resolution programs by 2022, a cumulative increase of 188% over four years. 

Sabira Arefin, entrepreneur and business management professional, is on a mission to identify opportunities and translate a concept into a sustainable product that improves the efficiencies of organizational operations through customer-centric data tech services. 

“Throughout my career experiences, I have become adept at evaluating processes and implementing strategies to achieve organizational goals while overseeing operations throughout all phases,” says Arefin. “Additionally, I possess both the interpersonal and analytical skills necessary to build productive relationships that I can utilize towards helping improve their chances for better quality.” 

Arefin, a Truman State University graduate and MBA recipient from Duke University, co-founded LocalBlox™, a technology company that builds highly-scalable business and neighborhood platforms in 2013. The company provides tools to leverage neighborhood and business data in a three-dimensional aspect by integrating place, time, and social signals. The ability to hyper-locally connect people with businesses helps drive intelligence for relationship management, sales and marketing wins, fraud prevention, and identity protection. The platform powers first responder services and financial institutions with identity resolution for location fraud prevention as well as safe data management. 

According to Arefin, LocalBlox™ has successfully aggregated 23M+ local business profiles, 2M-3M events, and crime and news content across 112K neighborhoods. 

Arefins accomplishments include conceptualizing and maintaining a project plan and project budget for over 10 software applications, including Peoplesoft, Hyperion, Sales Logix CRM software, and other third-party applications. She has been acknowledged as a competitive innovator in the market by contributing earnings of $5M in revenue.

In addition, her company recently developed a global identity solutions product featuring data technology that has powered various large data companies, including Telcos. Arefin’s company provides data profiles and intel that are applied to two-thirds of the country’s universal emergency number system. 

“Telcos powered two-thirds of America’s 911 system using our data profiles and intel when a call came in, who is the caller, and where is the call coming from,” says Arefin.

With a deep fascination with learning the data behind how hospital operations contribute to growth in everyday life and society, Arefin reveals she has plans to pursue the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Medical School this Spring. 


Sabira Arefin