Sarah Mae Chilton’s Talks About Upcoming Holiday Track, “Stocking Full of Kisses”

Sarah Mae Chilton’s Talks About Upcoming Holiday Track, “Stocking Full of Kisses” [Live Link]

Published on 25, Nov 2022

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years can be an overwhelming time for anyone. The holidays can be emotional, laced with longing and heartache. But they can also be brimming with promise, love, and excitement. Nashville based singer songwriter Sarah Mae Chilton channels all of those deep and varied emotions into her upcoming Christmas track titled “Stocking Full of Kisses.” This song is set to be released on November 25th, and paints the picture of a love returning after time spent apart.

“It could be that the singer has a partner in the military or has been at a job that keeps them away,” Sarah Mae explains, “but they will finally see them again for the holidays. It could be for college students who haven't gotten to see their partner because they went away for school. This song celebrates that long awaited reunion.”

For Sarah Mae, holiday music holds a special place in her heart. She expresses how she has always loved Christmas songs because of their festive nature and special meanings. She hopes that she can relay this same feeling into the music that she creates for her listeners.

Last year around the holidays, Sarah Mae released “Merry Happy Everything,” a seasonal track written by two time Grammy nominated songwriter Jan Buckingham. The lyrics are joyous, with themes of giving to others, celebrating loved ones and being together. 

“I want to approach my music like my life,” Sarah says. “I'll always let myself cry from heartbreak, but never want to forget to be grateful and celebrate how beautiful it is to live."

Sarah Mae started performing live gigs while she was just a high school student, playing at local writer's nights, performing in her own rock band and playing for church youth events. This chapter of her life marks the beginning of Sarah’s love for music and she fostered that love generously. 

Sarah brings a positive and humorous approach to heartbreak and life, while adding a fresh voice to the pop and pop-country market. The singer has been playing four live shows a week at Tootsies Orchid Lounge and Honky Tonk Central, which she describes as being a huge blessing. She expresses that the opportunity to play in the same place as world-renowned country musicians is a dream come true. 

After graduating in 2016 from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Music Composition and Anthropology Sarah began teaching for a group known as Musical Empowerment, at her former university. Musical Empowerment is a program offered at Chapel Hill with the goal of giving free music lessons to students who couldn’t afford them otherwise.

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, a city, landmarked and famous as the birthplace of country music, she sings and helps with the booking of talent at Tootsies Orchid Lounge.  

Her life has brought her some really wonderful opportunities, such as being able to write music with artists from all different genres, as varied as rap to country. She even got to write alongside some Grammy-nominated writers. In 2022, she has been hosting the weekly open-mic nights on Saturdays at the Tootsies.

“Southern Glitter Pop” is Sarah Mae’s debut album, which was released in March of 2021. The album contains 10 tracks, including titles like “Lady President”, and “Broke.” Her first, professionally recorded album is available on all streaming platforms and features a fusion of pop music and country influences. The singer/songwriter pours her heart into the music that she creates. She draws inspiration from her life and her hardships, as well as from the lives of those around her. Her latest album, titled Tucson, dropped earlier in 2022.