iWebTechno Prepares to Launch Hyperlocal Student Marketplace

iWebTechno Prepares to Launch Hyperlocal Student Marketplace [Live Link]

Published on 13, Jan 2023


iWebTechno, a company known for digitizing universities worldwide, is preparing to launch a new product. Their personalized student marketplace will be instituted at schools, colleges, and universities. 

The Mumbai-based Vertical SaaS startup, which currently connects universities, students, banks,  and service partners, has a history of providing free, seamless digitization for underserved universities. It is one of the three companies in the world to do so, aided by its IUMS® (Integrated University Management System), which extends digitization modules for a university's academic and non-academic sectors.  

Now, using iWeb's Integrated iUMS, the company is preparing to launch a hyper-personalizable student marketplace that intends to allow students at universities, schools, and colleges to receive individualized deals and discounts catered to their needs.  

The deals will be tailored to use specific information, such as student scores, data, and demographics, to understand what students are looking for. For example, students requiring help in math studies will receive math deals, and students who play college sports will receive sportswear discounts.  

On top of the data they collect, the company is also working on an AI meant to help find contextual, intelligent deals and offers on their marketplace and build a discovery platform.   

“iWebTechno will be one of the first student marketplaces to offer personalized deals and advertisements based on such goals and needs of individual students,” claims Nasnodkar, co-founding advisor and investor in the company.  

The Product Management leader has experience spanning AI, ML, NLU, Communications Protocols, and front-end and back-end systems. He’s worked with market-leading companies, has launched products used by people worldwide, and has been an invited speaker at product management events. 

Nasnodkar claims that iWebTechno has been busy with its previous launch of its iUMS Lite for small educational institutes that do not require the complications of the entire iUMS. The iWebTechno invention has already attracted the attention of sixty schools across India in 2022, and the company expects more than a thousand more in 2023.  

Following in early 2023 will be the launch of local deals in the student marketplace. The service will be designed to initiate localized deals and map students with local student discounts, which will apply to products and services like tutors, textbooks, and more. All the offers will be found in the student’s geographical area, staying true to its highly-personalized mission. 

iWebTechno is today serving 750,000 Students at 650 colleges. They are projected to serve more than 1500 colleges and 2,000,000 students over the next year. The tech company is raising additional funding to scale beyond those projected numbers. Over the next two years, iWebTechno also plans to expand to additional Asian markets, including Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and North and South American Markets. 

Regarding product success, Nasnodkar believes, “Good products are built by knowing your customers. Great products are built by knowing your customers better than they do.”   

iWebTechno is a tech company in Mumbai, India, specializing in digitizing universities through their IUMS®. It plans to release a customized student marketplace with features tailored to student needs. To learn more, email akshay@iwebtechno.com and visit https://iwebtechno.com/  

Sid Nasnodkar