Parallax Operations, LLC, to Host Wall Street Elite Mastermind

Parallax Operations, LLC, to Host Wall Street Elite Mastermind [Live Link]

Published on 10, Jan 2023


New York, NY–

Trading, entrepreneurship, and brand-building company Parallax Operations, LLC will host the first annual Elite Trading Mastermind in Q1 2023. The company hopes to amass entrepreneurs, traders, and capital markets professionals, bringing them together through the event. The mastermind will allow individuals to streamline their professional networks while partaking in educational discourse related to trading, entrepreneurship, and capital markets. 

Parallax Operations grows entrepreneurs and their businesses through business strategy, management consulting, and individual coaching. The team at Parallax is excited to host this exclusive event, where the company will connect with business owners, others interested in capital markets, and those learning more about trading multiple asset classes.

At the Elite Trading Mastermind, Parallax plans to engage in a discussion panel regarding the importance of bearing in mind institutional market participants' interests. The leadership team hopes to educate attendees with niche information regarding algorithmic trading, institutional trading styles, and developing quantitative models for capital markets.

These are all sectors where the company has historically excelled, as Parallax has over 10 years of experience and expertise in financial markets, information technology, quantitative development, and relationship management.

CEO and founder Swaad Golam, an algorithmic and quantitative trader, comes from a highly diverse background in capital markets, low-latency trading, and quantitative development. As an industry expert, he has held positions in product management, low-latency trading architecture, and solutions engineering. In addition, Golam has a proven ability to convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and clients. This is key to the upcoming convention in January, where he will speak on multiple issues specific to his industry.

As a subject matter expert, Golam presents industry-recognized solutions when consulting on trading architecture from feed handlers, market data feeds, order management systems, risk management systems, and determining speed to value realization. Leveraging his experience in capital markets and electronic trading, Golam hopes to provide value to the Elite Trader Mastermind, driving the event with his industry and entrepreneurship knowledge.

“Parallax Operations is honored to host the 2023 Wall Street Elite Mastermind,” says Golam. “This will be an extraordinary opportunity to connect industry professionals with retail traders, create an educational environment, and share our expertise.”

He adds that Parallax will host the conference to share information based on its track record of entrepreneurial success. The company has previously helped businesses receive over $4 million in government incentives and facilitated over $5 million in loans for strategic mergers and acquisitions.

“Parallax Operations is poised to become a strategic partner and stronghold for entrepreneurs and traders looking to grow and scale their business,” Golam states. “We pride ourselves on remaining up to date on the latest technology processes, our procedural problem-solving skills, our ability to apply quantitative paradigms to solve market problems, and our strong code of ethics and integrity regarding our stakeholders and customers.”

At the Elite Trader Mastermind, Parallax Operations will broadcast these critical points, explaining how the company has risen to where it is today. “Success derives from consistently operating within the scope of the variables within one’s control,” says Golam. “The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee will always stem from the former’s ability to get back up after repeated failure and learn.”

Parallax Operations, LLC is a technology services, business strategy, and consulting company aiding large and small clients by assisting with mergers and acquisitions, business development, and operating services.



Swaad Golam