Younger World Med Spa Plans Launch of Skin Rejuvenation Program

Younger World Med Spa Plans Launch of Skin Rejuvenation Program [Live Link]

Published on 23, Jan 2023

San Gabriel, California– Younger World is a leading wellness center in the greater LA County area, which works to help young professionals find creative ways to build a healthy work/life balance. The company has announced that it will be launching a brand new skin rejuvenation program, which will include a complimentary consultation and free facial mask to all of the company’s new clients. This program will be launching in early 2023 and hopes to kick start a new era of skin care wellness for the brand and the members of its community. 

Younger World currently offers advanced prescriptive devices to personalize service and a concierge experience for its clients. The San Gabriel location is overseen by Tedman Vuong, a nurse practitioner in the emergency department for over eight years in LA County, and a board member of the Boys and Girls club of West San Gabriel Valley. As co-founder of Younger World, Vuong and his partner have also announced the Ted and Vince Unicorn Scholarship, which will award one child, every month, an academic scholarship in the pursuit of higher education. 

“As a child of two Vietnamese refugees, I grew up not having much,” says Vuong. “Today I find myself working very hard to show the next generation how beautiful it can be to pay it forward and practice kindness.” This idea is also very much present within the Younger World business model, as the brand is excited to continue giving back in the form of physical and mental wellness. 

In its current stage of development, the company offers body, sculpting, skin resurfacing, skincare services. Younger World is thrilled to have the opportunity to also work closely with clients while targeting hyperpigmentation, scars, rosacea and other such skin discoloration. With its newest update into the world of skincare, the upcoming launch of their skin rejuvenation program, the brand is working to solidify itself into the wellness vein of southern California. 

The co-founder is also gearing up to launch a podcast, centered around the Younger World’s  vision about teaching young professionals how to “hustle and glow”. This podcast will depict the value of hard work and include industry leaders who have walked the journey of entrepreneurship.

At Younger World Wellness Center, the team is looking forward to their continued expansion as they aim to provide their clients with a luxurious beauty experience to help transform their skin and body. 

As the years continue, Younger World hopes to continue to expand their presence within the greater LA County area, as they work to become a vital component and cornerstone for their community. 

Younger World Wellness Center located in San Gabriel, California is a concierge wellness center with over 10 years experience in the industry. The company is excited to offer the community complimentary consultations and free facial sheet masks, as a step forward in their development. The business operates between 10-6 PM Wednesday to Sunday. For more information on Younger World Wellness Center, visit their website. 

Tedman Vuong


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