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Once the order is placed, our artificial intelligence system pairs you up with a project manager and a copywriter in house. You will also receive an automated questionnaire which will ask you five to ten questions about your brand, the company, etc. Once we receive this questionnaire back, it takes us three to four business days to write the article. After you approve the article, we push it out for publication. The entire process from the time the order is placed to the time the article is published takes 21-30 business days. 

Article Title:

"Top Companies To Look Out For in 2022"

Brief Intro Sample:

Apart from making crucial decisions for their own businesses, entrepreneurs innovate and grow their ideas. Albeit there being no cookie-cutter answer that fits everyone’s experiences, taking a look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs today, you might spot some similar traits and characteristics.

Starting and nurturing a business entails a great amount of hard work and commitment. However, for aspiring entrepreneurs who are prepared to dedicate themselves to their vision, here are 10 most successful entrepreneurs you can learn from.

The article will tell a unique story that’ll further the purpose of your career, your brand, as well as your overall brand image. We pair you up with a copywriter in house, who will go over strategy and the angles of the article.  

Word Count: Your portion of the article will be between 100-175 words. 

Backlinks: Each article can include up to two backlinks per article, these can be links to social media profiles, landing pages, or a company website. 

After Publication: Once the articles are published you can add sections to your website like "Featured On TechCrunch" or "Featured On USA Today". Connecting your brand with well established digital platforms makes it easy for people to trust you, and do business with you.

Where will the articles be published? 

The article will be published on Unfortunately we can not guarantee where it will be hosted on the site, that is up to the editorial team’s discretion. 

Will the articles be the same?

If you have purchased multiple packages from us, your designated account manager will reach out and ensure that each article is unique. Per usual, each article will be customized to your liking. As an example, the first article may be a Q&A, the second may be positioning you as a subject matter expert with quotes from you, the third might be a profile piece on the company. The topics will be determined by you and the copywriter at Imperium Group. 

In the instance the service cannot be delivered, a full and prompt refund will be issued. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and will make sure you and your team are satisfied with the product. 

TechCrunch is an American online newspaper focusing on high tech and startup companies. It was founded in June 2005 by Archimedes Ventures, led by partners Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. In 2010, AOL acquired the company for approximately $25 million. Following the 2015 acquisition of AOL and Yahoo by Verizon, the site was owned by Verizon Media from 2015 through 2021. In 2021 Verizon sold its media assets, including AOL, Yahoo, and TechCrunch, to the private equity firm Apollo Global Management, and Apollo integrated them into a new entity called Yahoo. In addition to its news reporting, TechCrunch is also known for its Disrupt conference, an annual technology event hosted in several cities across United States, Europe, and China.


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