The Importance of PR Packages for Small Businesses

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 Posted on 13, Jul 2022

Public relations is one of those tools that no business, regardless of its size or infrastructure, should be without, yet it can be hard to know if you are succeeding if you can’t always gauge its immediate impact. It’s one of the most common questions owners of smaller businesses in particular have: how do I know if my PR campaign is accomplishing what I want it to do? The answer to that, of course, will depend on the company, as each business leader will have different goals for its PR. Reaching those objectives will depend highly on the strategies chosen for the campaign, which can include blogs, podcasts, social media posts, articles, and press releases. One in particular is worth considering: PR packages. In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of PR packages vs. something more piecemeal so that you can make an informed decision for your own company.

First Advantage: PR Packages Allow Companies to Explore Different Approaches.

You probably remember from your school days that everyone learns differently: some people like to see things written down while others prefer to hear information, for example. It’s the same idea here: how individuals like to learn about a company - and what makes them remember it - is different for each one. 

If, for the sake of argument, you put out articles about your business, you will likely connect with people who like to read. That’s a significant part of the population, and it will help you reach your goals for your PR campaign. However, what about people who are too busy to read? Maybe those people would like to hear about your company’s story and products via a podcast. 

With a public relations package, you are not boxed into one type of approach - instead, you can factor in multiple approaches that will cater to the different ways that people like to receive their information. That could help you reach your PR campaign goals even faster.

Second Advantage: PR Packages Help Businesses to Use Different Platforms and Reach a Wider Audience.

PR packages also empower you to get your brand and message out onto multiple platforms, extending your reach. This can be crucial because ultimately the world is full of very different people, yet anyone can be a potential customer. 

Let’s take the example of tennis shoes. Most people have at least one pair in their closets, but that’s where the similarity ends. Consumers might be athletes, students, musicians, CEOs, or something else, and they might have nothing in common with each other save for “tennis shoes.” How, then, can you get your tennis shoes in front of them if you only put out your press release or article on one platform that is read by athletes?

PR packages can give you options: you will have the ability to reach a wider variety of people simply because you will be using a wider variety of platforms.

Third Advantage: PR Packages Enable Companies to Get Information Out to More People Through Blitzes.

Imagine this: you are listening to the radio, and you hear an ad for a concert that is coming to your city. You were distracted at the time and didn’t really catch all of it, so you keep listening but never hear the ad again. You go online and search for information, but nothing is there. It was a “one and done” ad, and because you didn’t catch all of the details, you aren’t able to go to the concert.

Okay, yes, no concert will be promoted that way, but you get the point: one ad (or blog post, article, etc.) will be very unlikely to help your company reach its goals. What is far better is a blitz: a release of a large number of articles or other PR approaches that can cement your company’s products in the consumer’s mind. That way, when the busy consumer wants to get more details, they are easy to find.

When creating a PR campaign for your business, packages could be very useful. Just remember to keep a goal for each one and to carefully choose the information that will be included. That way, you’ll be more likely to experience the success you’re working so hard to attain.

Fourth Advantage: PR Packages Let Businesses Highlight Important Details About Their Products and Services.

One of the biggest benefits of a public relations package is the business’ ability to really delve into what makes it so different from its competitors. When you only have one or two articles, you are limited in what you can convey; you will probably focus on the basics, including what the company sells and perhaps a brief background story. Those are normally what a business feels are most essential for the public to know, especially when they are putting out only a few articles.

A PR package, however, expands your options. Let’s say you purchase fifteen articles and a few podcasts. You might use three articles to do a general overview of your company so that the public is introduced to your goods or services. Then you could go more into your company’s background and values so that readers can really get to know your brand and connect with it. You might use a few articles to talk about where you see your company going and the problems you plan to solve through it. The result, basically, is more three-dimensional and will allow the public to have a more thorough understanding of who your company is and why its products and services are unique.

Fifth Advantage: PR Packages Help Businesses to Be Strategic Over the Long Term.

Your business, including its public relations strategy, will always be evolving. As soon as you get through the holiday season, it will be time to plan for a new one. One campaign will build off the one that came before it. A PR package can support this reality and allow a more seamless transition from campaign to campaign.

Consider this scenario: you decide to have a spring sale to prepare for Mother’s Day, another one for July 4th, a back-to-school campaign, and a Christmas campaign. These are four different events, yet none of them exists in isolation. You can remind consumers at each event about what’s coming up.

A PR package can be a great way to keep the forward motion going. You might, for example, use four articles to talk about Mother’s Day and another to report on the success of the event and to plug July 4th. The idea is to create a seamless connection of events across all of the articles or even podcasts so that the public is always aware of what is currently happening and of what is coming in only a few months. Utilizing a PR package vs. buying individual articles can help you to build momentum.

The Takeaway For Small Business Leaders Who Are Considering PR Packages

Whether you buy one article or a package, all PR deserves careful thought. What are your goals for the campaign? What do you want it to accomplish within a specific timeframe, and where do you want that success to propel the company? How well does the public already know your business and its products? What kind of events or sales do you have planned for the next year?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will be able to choose the PR package that is right for your business and to design a public relations campaign that will capitalize on the variety of platforms you have at your disposal. That’s when the exciting part will begin: you will watch as your campaign achieves its goals and takes your business to the next level. 

Imperium Group is an American public relations and marketing consultancy firm. Founded in 2016, it specializes in guaranteed placements, creating utmost transparency for its clients. Imperium Group generates over 15M impressions a month for its clients. Its team is based out of New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  

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